A Simple Guide to Remove Glue from Glass Windows

Stubborn bits of glue and paint can often stick, dry and harden on your glass windows. This leaves the windows looking quite unsightly, diminishing their appearance and their basic purpose as windows. Instead, you are left with a view clogged by globs of frustrating glue particles. Removing glue from glass can be a very time consuming task. Most people will try picking at it with their fingernails, prying the glue apart with a blade or rubbing hot soap and water over it. However, none of these methods will effectively remove the glue from your windows. Instead, you should try using an effective multi-purpose solvent along with a scraper to assist with the cleaning and removal process.

Cleaning glue from glass windows is difficult because it can be easy to leave adhesive residue behind. This is especially true when it comes to removing stickers from the glass. After peeling the sticker off, adhesive and glue marks are left behind, which can be a struggle to clean – especially if the residue is sticky or greasy!

Using Multisolve on Glass Surfaces

The only solution is to apply Multisolve to the area. Once the formula has made contact with the sticky adhesive, it will begin to pry apart from the glass. Whilst most solvents use a dangerous burning motion that can harm glass surfaces, C-Tec’s Multisolve utilises a safe but effective detaching motion that works into the sticky substance without causing any harm to the base material of the window. Following this, simply take a cloth and wipe the remains away. Since Multisolve doesn’t leave an oily film behind, the glue and solvent will lift from the glass.

Additional Multisolve Advantages

·   In addition to removing adhesives, stickers and glues, Multisolve can be used to remove a large variety of materials. This list includes, but is not limited to, wax, printing ink, paraffin, sealants, silicone, oil, tar and grease.

·  This economical multi-purpose solvent is the safest and cheapest solution for your paintwork. In fact, it is considered to be the number one preliminary paint and adhesive treatment.

·  It helps to prepare the base material for various applications such as sealants. For example, you can use Multisolve to remove old sealant, providing you with the perfect starting point to re-seal and re-fill the desired area. Once re-application is complete, Multisolve can then be used to finish off the procedure.

·  In addition to being compatible with use on glass surfaces, it can also be used on vinyl, most plastics, rubber and even on painted surfaces.

·  This solvent is fast drying, which means you get on with the more important tasks of your day instead of waiting around for the solvent to dry.

·  Multisolve is a complete pure aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent. It contains no recycled solvents.


When you need to remove sticker residue, adhesives and other types of glue from your glass windows, think Multisolve, the ultimate glue remover!


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