A New Replacement for Industrial Fixings and Construction Fixing

C-Tec has developed the ultimate fixings product that has taken the market by storm. The conventional fixings that have been used for years, typically metal fixings have disadvantages. The various types of metal fixings ranging from screws, tack screws, bolts and anchor bolts are among the most popular types of fixings. The disadvantage of all of these fixings is that you firstly have to drill holes in the substrate you wish to fix and affix your item to it then, in many circumstances if the item is heavy a second pair of hands is required.

Another disadvantage comes with bonding items together in a horizontal position. Adhesives or fixings in principal shouldn’t pose too much of a difficulty, but can be challenging when faced with vertical applications. The real challenge in the industrial and construction industry is vertical fixing, in particular heavy duty vertical fixings. Since the smoking ban in public places was introduced the demand for vertical fixings has increased dramatically.

Any tradesman will tell you that having to fix a large heavy ash box to a marble fronted building is a pain. Drilling into marble or granite is not easy and can be very time consuming at least two anchor fixings have to be attached to the ash box and in some applications make good after completion.

There is also a high risk of water ingress this is very detrimental if it’s, for example a mail box you’re fixing. After lengthy research and development C-Tec has developed Power Grab n Bond the latest generation of fixings. Power Grab n Bond is based on our CT1 hybrid polymer formulation resulting in the Ultimate Fixings solution.

The immediate grab and end bond defies logic. For example, take a concrete slab weighing 10kgs apply the correct amount of product, wait 4/5 minutes and you can place it directly onto a vertical wall with no sliding and with no supports required. This is an amazing achievement and Power Grab ‘N’ Bond is the only tool eligible for the job.

When C-Tec introduced this to the fixings industry they were blown away, the possibilities and applications as a fixings replacement are endless. Power Grab n Bond has re-written the rule book on mechanical fixings and construction fixings. In one particular project it saved over four months’ labour in heavy granite facade, eliminating the need for drilling, ties and fixings. The cost alone for the fixings in that project was substantial. Power Grab n Bond has 7Ms of product within its cartridge – a vast amount of fixings.



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