A Mould Resistant Bath Sealant

Mould growth on the sealant around a bath has been the bane of nearly every household, hotel and basically every washroom for years. How many times have you replaced this to a perfect crisp finish only to find a few months later it’s all speckled with horrible black dots? Why does mould or mildew continually keep appearing, or should we say growing on the bath?

Here at C-Tec we are continually asked do we produce a mould resistant sealant. Of course we do but before we answer this question we ask have they not used products that have solved that problem. The answer we typically receive is that products that proclaim to be mould resistant didn’t live up to its claim – Strange!

We at C-Tec are confident to the degree that we guarantee that our unique CT1 is a 100% mould resistant. How so? Easy! It is 100% Eco Compliant and contains no solvents or isocyanides resulting in it being impossible for mildew or mould to breed; an absolute perfect Leak seal. This is so because with conventional sealants which contain high volume of solvents that have to evaporate leaving holes within the bath. This allows bacteria to land and bury itself deep into the silicone and start to multiply. It cures absolutely solid with no holes.

What’s unique about this product is its unique composition of a hybrid polymer, even though it is strong and hard it will remain flexible, very important in this application. This is very evident during installations; installers will normally half fill it and then apply it to allow for shrinkage you do not need to do this with CT1 as it will never shrink or crack.

The strength of this product as an adhesive is quite unbelievable, for example bonding in shower trays or being able to stick mirrors straight to the wall with no sliding and no need for support or any other fixings. Frequently after new showers or baths have been installed leaks appear and in many circumstances it is due to water passing through the grout between the tiles, it will solve this problem quickly.

CT1 is a unique water tight seal and construction adhesive that will take care of a multitude of applications, not only in your wet room but everywhere inside and outside the house.

CT1 – The Ultimate Mould Resistant Bath Sealant

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