A Guide on Removing Old Paint from Exterior Walls

Removing old paint and masonry paint from exterior walls can be a time consuming and expensive job. But, if you want to restore an exterior wall to its former glory, you need to remove the old paint. The problem with removing paint from exterior concrete or brick walls is the fact that both materials are porous. This makes it even more difficult to remove the paint, which is why you need to use a paint remover product that you can trust.

Peel Tec is an excellent paint remover that allows you to remove paint from exterior walls with ease. Peel Tec is a versatile product that removes all types of paint from stone, concrete, brick, and so on. Whether you want to restore a brick wall or remove spray paint from the side of a concrete building, Peel Tec makes paint removal a much easier and quicker job than ever before.

Why should you use Peel Tec to remove paint?


Eterior walls require a strong but safe paint removal solution. The problem with traditional paint removal techniques is that they’re usually not very safe. With Peel Tec, you can achieve excellent results without unleashing dangerous vapours or causing damage to the surface of the exterior wall. Unfortunately, typical methods of removing paint from exterior walls can cause a lot of irreversible damage. Using heat, harsh solvents, or mechanical methods to remove old paint from exterior walls causes a list of potential problems. To avoid destroying the integrity of the exterior wall, we recommend switching to a safer solution for paint removal.

Peel Tec is a gentle but powerful paint remover that works with almost all surfaces and materials. It gets to work fast and will peel the paint away rather than burning it, which is the method that most traditional exterior paint removers use. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol with a nozzle that allows for precise application. You can also use the nozzle to help deliver the right amount of product onto any given surface. Plus, it’s 100% Methyl Chloride free!


How to use Peel Tec

If you want to remove old paint or spray paint from an exterior wall, there is no better option than to use Peel Tec. Peel Tec ensures the safe removal of paint without damaging the very surface you want to preserve.

When you’re ready to remove paint from an exterior wall, simply spray the product directly onto the painted surface. Give it time to take effect and let it work its way into the paint particles. You’ll know the paint is ready to remove when it starts to peel away from the surface of the stone, brick, concrete, and so on. If you’re dealing with old paint, there may be some stubborn deposits left behind. Don’t worry, all you have to do in this situation is repeat the process. The length of time for Peel Tec to take effect depends on the age and quality of the paint you are trying to remove.

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