A Fast and Safe Glue Remover

C-Tec/CT1 have developed a really unique Glue Remover that was launched into the market 4 years ago. C-Tec decided to do this as the availability of a premium Glue Remover was just not there. The Glue Removers available were all gel based which contain aggressive solvents which, at best will stain or worse will burn the material that the glue is being removed from. In addition these Glue Removers would not be effective on all types of glue, especially silicone or resin based glues.

The solution to this problem is the unique CT1 Multisolve Glue Remover. Multisolve is a multi-purpose hydro carbon safe aliphatic solvent that, as opposed to a burning action will have a deactivating action. Multisolve works by detaching the glue molecule from the surface it’s on, resulting in the Ultimate Glue Remover.

Multisolve will work almost immediately, but the longer you leave it on the glue, the more effective it will work. The Multisolve Glue Remover will not stain and will evaporate leaving no residue. Not only is Multisolve Glue Remover excellent for removing glue it is equally fantastic for the removal of tar, chewing gum, ink, stickers, gaskets, correction fluid, the list is endless. No wonder it’s called Multisolve.



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