A beginner’s guide to graffiti removal from various surfaces

Did you know that there is a more efficient, effective and affordable way to remove graffiti other than blasting it with a high-pressure water system?

It may be hard to believe, but you no longer have to use a high-pressure system to remove graffiti from various surfaces. This is because C-Tec have created the latest development in paint removers that has reinvented how the everyday man removes graffiti. This remarkable product is called Peel Tec and it’s quickly become known as the best graffiti remover on the market. It’s time to say goodbye to those tedious and unsafe methods of removing graffiti and hello to an easier and more effective approach thanks to Peel Tec from the creators of CT1.

What makes Peel Tec different from other graffiti removers?

Traditional graffiti removers such as harsh solvents and heat methods are known to be dangerous. They not only damage the surface where they’re applied, but they can also be a danger to your skin and in some cases, even cause breathing difficulties. However, Peel Tec is different from other graffiti removers because it does not damage the base material. It’s 100% Methyl Chloride FREE and after removing all traces of graffiti with Peel Tec, you’re left with a clean surface that’s ready for re-coating if desired.

Sounds good, right? So, how can you use Peel Tec to remove graffiti if you’re a newbie? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional painter, construction worker or anything else to use Peel Tec. C-Tec have done what many have tried and failed to in the past – we’ve developed a graffiti remover that’s easy to use and requires little to no experience.

How to use Peel Tec

If you want to use Peel Tec to remove graffiti, you need to firstly get yourself some! We suggest checking out our Local Distributor page to help you find and track down your local distributor. It won’t take long, and we promise you’ll find one nearby. If not, give us a call and we’ll help you out!

Using Peel Tec to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces couldn’t be easier. Since it doesn’t contain any Methyl Chloride, it’s ideal for anyone concerned with using paint strippers due to health and safety concerns. Peel Tec can be used on a range of materials such as stone, wood, asphalt and metal. To use Peel Tec, simply point the nozzle of the aerosol canister in the desired direction and apply generously.

Give it time to settle in and get to work. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long as this fast-acting gel-based formula gets to work within 10 minutes. The graffiti removal process will be evident by the paint peeling off the base of the surface. When this happens, you can grab a tool such as a scraper to assist the purpose of peeling the graffiti from the surface. The graffiti residue will lift effortlessly, leaving an uncompromised clean base beneath.

Save labour time and have peace of mind knowing you can safely remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces using Peel Tec from C-Tec!

Peel Tec is available to purchase in all Wickes Stores throughout the UK.

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