A bathroom sealant that keeps its colour

Regular bathroom sealants often turn yellow over time, which can make your bathroom look groggy and run-down. To prevent your bathroom sealant from turning yellow and losing its original colour, you need to invest in a higher quality bathroom sealant that can keep its colour long-term. BT1 is that sealant.

With its unique TRIBRID® Technology, BT1 doesn’t turn yellow or blacken over time. It will not discolour no matter how much moisture it’s exposed to. This is because C-Tec has worked tirelessly to make sure that our new bathroom sealant ticks all the boxes that others in the market cannot.


Why do other bathroom sealants turn yellow?

Before we get into the incredible power of BT1, we first need to understand why regular bathroom sealants turn yellow in the first place. Clear and even white silicone sealants are meant to protect areas of the bathroom such as the sink, shower and bathtub from moisture damage. However, they aren’t always effective at their job and after exposure to humidity and water, it’s almost guaranteed that these type of low-quality, ‘cheap as chips’ sealants will begin to yellow or even blacken over time.

Removing the yellow stains and discolouration can take a lot of time, money and elbow-grease. Unless you have hours to spare and you don’t mind scrubbing in your bathroom with expensive and often chemically dangerous cleaning products, you need to choose a bathroom sealant that keeps its colour. Even if you do manage to remove some of the discolouration from the surface of the sealant, it won’t be long before you’re right back where you started.


BT1: A bathroom sealant that doesn’t turn yellow

If you’re looking for an alternative bathroom sealant that doesn’t turn yellow, choose BT1. Nobody likes the look of yellow sealant in the bathroom, it just throws the entire room off and makes it look very groggy, unprofessional and, let’s face it, kind of ugly.

BT1 was created using C-Tec’s unique TRIBRID® Technology, which has never been used in the history of bathroom sealants and adhesives. This revolutionary formulation has enabled BT1 to be used in wet conditions without attacking the synthetic material. Again, this is unheard of in our industry, which is why so many people swear by our product.

BT1 keeps its original colour no matter what. Mould and bacteria cannot survive or develop on BT1’s surface, which makes it the healthiest option on the market. Plus, since bacteria can’t grow on it, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining a hygienic surface that has no trace of solvents and isocyanates.


Sounds great, but where can I get BT1?

BT1 is the ultimate bathroom sealant and because it keeps its original colour so well, it’s a highly sought-after bathroom sealant. If you want to try BT1 for yourself, you can locate your local BT1 distributor with our help.

You can contact us with any of your questions and our friendly and helpful staff will more than happy to point you in the right direction!

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