8 Different Uses for CT1 TRIBRID® Technology

CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing and bonding. You can use CT1 for a variety of applications and because of its multi-purpose ability, there is rarely an application where CT1 does not triumph. CT1 successfully bonds a long list of materials and surfaces from metal to glass, wood, concrete, tiles, and many more. Thanks to its incredible TRIBRID® Technology formula, CT1 sealant and adhesive are now 360% stronger than traditional hybrid polymers. Here are just eight different uses for CT1:


  1. Sealing cracks and holes


Whether you have a crack in the ceiling, wall, or floor, CT1 is the perfect sealant for repairing such damage. You can use it to seal cracks in a variety of materials including concrete, stone, and many more. You can also use CT1 to fill in holes quickly to prevent further damage.


  1. Repair a leaking roof gutter


If you have a leaking roof gutter, CT1 can be used to repair leaks in roof gutters because of its ability to create watertight seals. You don’t need to wait for a sunny day either since CT1’s waterproof properties mean you can apply it in both wet and dry conditions. It bonds to wet surfaces without compromising the strength of the sealant, making it ideal for repairing leaking roof gutters.


  1. Repair boat leaks


It is traditionally very difficult for sealants to create strong bonds in wet conditions. However, CT1 is a powerful water-resistant sealant that can be used in all salt-water environments. It works perfectly well for all types of marine and boating maintenance including accident and emergency repairs.


  1. Bonding mirrors


Want to bond a mirror to tiles in your bathroom? No problem! With CT1, you can successfully bond a mirror to most surfaces including glass, concrete, wood, metal, tiles, and more.


  1. Sealing kitchen counters


CT1 is ISEGA Certified, which means it conforms to food preparation standards and can be used to bond and seal kitchen counters. It is an odourless sealant and it doesn’t contain any harmful solvents, making it a great sealant for bonding kitchen countertops.


  1. Sealing a swimming pool


CT1 is ideal for sealing a leak in a swimming pool. It’s perfect for both domestic users and tradesmen who need a quick fix for the problem. It creates a strong bond and stops water from seeping through the original leak.


  1. Replacing old sealant


Traditional sealants will discolour and lose their initial strength over time, which is when you will need to replace the old sealant with something of higher quality. CT1 is a powerful construction sealant with excellent colour retention. It is perfect for replacing old and existing sealants while offering protection against mould and fungus thanks to its new TRIBRID® Technology.


  1. Bonding lead flashing


CT1’s unique formulation means that it can effectively bond lead flashing, even if it is wet. Lead is a flexible material and requires a sealant with very high elasticity, such as CT1. CT1 is the ultimate construction sealant for bonding lead flashing because it prevents cracks and breakage, which is a common occurrence when bonding lead flashing with inadequate sealants.


Where can I buy CT1?


CT1 is now available to purchase in Wickes Stores nationwide, and with more than 230 locations throughout the UK, there is always one near you! If you cannot make it out to one of their branches, you can also buy CT1 online for speedy delivery: https://www.wickes.co.uk/featured/ct1-sealant

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