5 Things to Look out for when choosing a bathroom sealant

Searching for a great bathroom sealant?

Most waterproof sealants seem to perform well right after the initial application. However, if left to its own devices, many of these sealants will begin to develop mould as bacteria settles in and takes hold of the sealant. If you want to prevent mould and fungal infestation growing on your bathroom sealant, you need to choose the right sealant for all of your bathroom applications.


Here are five things to look out for when choosing your next bathroom sealant:


1. Resistance to mould

The best bathroom sealants should have a high tolerance to mould and fungus. The last thing you want is to use a bathroom sealant that you have to keep scrubbing to prevent black mould from growing on its surface. BT1, the latest development in bathroom sealant technology, has been proven to resist mould thanks to its unique TRIBRID® technology. This means that you only have to use BT1 once and never have to worry about mould penetrating its surface.


2. Resistance to bacteria and microbes

Bacteria thrive in bathrooms because of the warm and damp conditions, which makes it easy for microbes to multiply and spread throughout the entire room. If you want to prevent this, you need a bathroom sealant that can reduce bacteria and prevent it from spreading. Speaking of which, our latest bathroom sealant, BT1, as proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% and effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter. So, if you’re looking for an anti-bacterial bathroom sealant, you can’t go wrong with BT1.


3. Helps to maintain hygienic surfaces

A good bathroom sealant will require little maintenance. But a GREAT bathroom sealant will make it much easier to maintain a hygienic surface long-term. BT1 has been named the healthiest option when it comes to sanitary and bathroom sealants. As an excellent sanitaryware product, BT1 is ideal for use in all public Health institutions including hospitals and clinics.


4. Water-Resistant

Obviously, your bathroom sealant needs to be waterproof. After all, you don’t want to go through all of the hard work sealing shower trays and installing bathtubs only to discover that water is seeping through! BT1 is 100% water-resistant. You can apply BT1 bathroom sealant and adhesive on wet surfaces and even underwater without sacrificing the quality of the bond.


5. Creates a powerful bond

Your bathroom sealant must have the ability to successfully bond with a range of materials. You might want to use the same sealant to seal shower panels, tile your bathroom walls and seal around your sink, etc. BT1 is ideal for all bathroom applications and beyond. It replaces the need for silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, and even butyl rubber sealants. BT1 forms a unique durable compound with high elasticity and has been approved for bonding shower panels without mechanical fixings.


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