5 Steps to Repair a Leaking Coolant WITHOUT Clogging It

If your car has a coolant leak, you’re probably thinking that it’s going to cost your entire month’s wage to get it fixed. Well, we’re pleased to inform you that you can repair a leaking coolant without clogging it, and without spending a fortune on repair bills. Cooling systems leak for a number of reasons. The leak could be coming from the pipes, hoses, or seals to name a few. The source of the leak could also derive from small cracks in the cylinder head of the engine block. Whatever the case, it’s important to pull the vehicle over if you happen to be driving at the time to see what the problem is before starting up again. If you’re in a hurry, you may not have time to call a mechanic to come and help you out.

So, you need a quick and easy solution to help you repair a leaking coolant without causing any blockage. You need to use a water sealant that is fast, effective, and non-clogging. Once you’ve identified the source of the leak, you can use Miracle Seal to repair it. Miracle Seal is a unique formulation designed to seal leaks efficiently and effectively. It repairs a leaking coolant without clogging it, which is extremely important when fixing coolant leaks. Miracle Seal is so powerful that it seals the entire system, helping to prevent future leaks and damage in the cooling network including the pumps and other components.

Miracle Seal is the ideal solution for repairing coolant leaks and you can use it in five easy steps:


1. Flush out the old cooling system

If you’re working with an old cooling system, take time to flush it out before attempting to seal the leak with sealant.


2. Open the heater valve

The next step is to open the heater valve (heating switched on) and run the engine until it’s warm.


3. Pour Miracle Seal into the radiator

Give the bottle of Miracle Seal a good shake. We advise that you shake it for approximately 60 seconds. Doing this will help to create a smooth fluid liquid. Then, you can go ahead and pour the sealant into the radiator.


4. Run engine for 5 minutes

As the sealant is getting through the system, make sure to keep the engine running for at least five minutes. Miracle Seal will instantly cure the leak while lining the walls of the internal cooling system with a protective film. This helps to prevent further damage and future leaks.


5. Top up the cooling fluid

After the engine has cooled down, you’re ready to top up the cooling fluid.


Miracle Seal is excellent when it comes to repairing cooling systems quickly and hassle-free. It can create a permanent solution to minor leaks and because it consists of soft particles, it will not clog the mechanical parts of the cooling system. The best way to prepare for leaks in your cooling system is to have a bottle of Miracle Seal handy in case of an emergency.

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