4 Easy Ways to Renovate Your Home Using CT1

Nicknamed “The Snag List Eliminator”, CT1 is the only sealant and adhesive you need to complete a wide range of renovations efficiently and effectively in your home. From repairs to replacements, and everything in-between, CT1 is a trusty partner to get the job done quickly and to a high-quality standard. Here are just four ways CT1 can help you renovate your home.

  1. Install crown moulding and wood paneling

If you’re looking for a big renovation project, but still something you can handle yourself in a timely manner, perhaps installing some new features around the home is for you. Crown moulding and wood paneling are two very popular installs that can increase the value of your home and bring decadence to any room. While these projects require some tools and expertise, there’s no reason why you can’t tackle the install yourself with CT1. CT1’s powerful bonding ability means you can be sure of an effective, long-lasting fix.

  1. Repair paint cracks in walls, ceilings, and skirting boards

Renovation often involves repair. One such repair you may want to make during your renovations is fixing paint cracks. Paint cracks on wood and plaster are extremely common but can diminish the feel of a room. To fix them, you can either sand the paint down, replaster, and repaint, or make light work of it by simply sealing the paint cracks with CT1. Applying a reliable sealant that won’t shrink into these kinds of cracks and crevices is a far more efficient repair. Then, simply paint over the CT1 to complete the room’s updated look.

  1. Replace bathroom tiles

When your bathroom is in need of a freshen-up, one of the most effective renovations you can make is to change the tiles. CT1 is the perfect partner for installing new tiles as it’s both a sealant and adhesive. Plus, it’s highly effective in wet environments. CT1 can cure even underwater, so you needn’t worry that it won’t stand up to the daily bathroom pressures of water and humidity – it’s the environment CT1 was designed to thrive in!

  1. Mount mirrors, splashbacks, radiator covers, and more

Sometimes all that’s needed to change the look and feel of your home is a new addition. Adding mirrors, artwork, radiator covers, and even splashbacks, can be a brilliant way to elevate your home. Depending on your DIY experience, mounting new objects may feel like a big challenge or like second nature. With CT1, you can confidently mount any object easily. CT1’s instantaneous grab makes mounting even the most awkwardly shaped object a task suitable for a novice DIYer. What’s more, CT1 begins to cure instantly. That means no need for unsightly tape or other forms of bonding to hold the object in place while it cures. Wall-mounting objects with CT1 really is the quickest way to renovate your home!

Wickes is the home of everything you need for a summer renovation project, including CT1. To get your hands on your CT1, visit their online store or any of their 230+ stores across the UK.

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