3 Ways to Reduce Bacteria in Your Motorhome with BT1

Keeping your motorhome, campervan, or caravan sanitary is key to a happy, healthy trip. But nobody wants to be repeatedly cleaning on holiday. Luckily, there are ways to prevent bacteria from spreading that don’t require your constant attention.

One way to instantly reduce bacteria in your motorhome is to replace your existing sealant with BT1. BT1 is the most sanitary sealant and adhesive, recognized for its ability to stop bacteria from multiplying and spreading. This is because BT1 is formulated with C-Tec’s unique, market-leading TRIBRID® technology. Bacteria and microbes cannot survive on BT1’s surface, making BT1 the healthiest sealant and adhesive for use in the workplace, the home, and even the motorhome!

BT1’s bacteria-reducing power is so strong, it’s even approved for use in hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. So, how can BT1 help to ensure a healthier motorhome environment? Here are three suggestions:

  1. Re-seal your motorhome bathroom

Your motorhome’s bathroom (no matter how compact) is a prime location for germs. Small motorhome bathrooms get hot and humid fast, and these factors can exponentially increase the bacteria present. You may start to see mould or fungal growth in these areas, which are key indicators that your bathroom isn’t as germ-free as you might hope. Removing existing sealant and replacing it with BT1 – or even sealing areas which may not already have a seal! – is a fantastic way to stop mould and other fungal growths from sprouting.

  1. Replace the sealant in your motorhome’s kitchen

The kitchen in your motorhome is another hotspot for microbe growth. Food preparation surfaces breed germs, so need to be kept as clean as possible to keep your family in the best of health. Prevention is, of course, better than cure, so why not make your motorhome kitchen surfaces extra safe by sealing them with BT1? BT1 is a food-safe product recommended for use in industrial and residential kitchens and is highly effective at reducing a broad spectrum of microbes, including E. coli.

Only C-Tec sealants are formulated with TRIBRID® technology and are proven to reduce bacteria by 99.99%. Your motorhome kitchen’s existing sealant may not provide this same level of protection against microbes. Replacing it with BT1 can give you the peace of mind that your countertops are safe for preparing delicious, safe-to-eat dishes while you’re vacationing in your motorhome.

  1. Use BT1 eternally on your motorhome

Whether there’s a crack in an external fixture or a leaking pipe, BT1 is highly durable and resistant to changing weather conditions, water, and temperatures. This makes it the perfect sealant to use both inside and outside your motorhome. Not only can it create a powerful and long-lasting repair, but it will continue to provide the bacteria-killing qualities it’s known for, even when used outside of the usual areas.

BT1 is a handy and healthy sealant to have in your motorhome’s toolkit. To better protect your family against germs, and get the happy, healthy holiday you deserve, pick up your BT1 from our retail partner, Wickes!

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