3 Ways CT1 Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Keeping your home cool in summer can be a real challenge. Each year, summer home renovation searches soar as people look for ways to reduce the temperature in their homes.

CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive is a perfect partner to many home improvement applications, including those that keep your home cool! Here are three ways you can use this formidable, market-leading sealant and adhesive in your summer home renovations.

  1. Installing and repairing air conditioning units

One of the more extravagant yet obvious ways to keep your home cool is to install air conditioning. You may have reservations about installing heavy AC units onto external and internal walls in your home. Usually, they attach to a framework of brackets and screws to hold them in place. To further safeguard your walls and ensure an extra-strong hold, CT1 can reinforce these fixtures. Simply apply along the brackets and bond to the walls where your AC units will go. Leave to cure for 24 hours before attaching the units.

AC units are also only effective if there are no air leaks. Accidents happen, of course, and it’s not unusual for pipes leading into your AC unit to get damaged. While you can replace them, it’s also possible to quickly seal the leaks with CT1! Just apply a small amount to the affected area, and notice the difference it makes.


  1. Installing energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows are becoming more and more popular as they not only save you money on those precious heating bills over time but also prevent your home from overheating in the summer. But what’s the best way to install them? With CT1, of course!

CT1 is trusted by many in the construction industry to provide a powerful and weather-resistant bond that’s perfect for installing windows. Its formulation with C-Tec’s unique TRIBRID® technology means that no other sealant and adhesive can rival its long-lasting and high-quality bond, under any condition, and with exposure to all kinds of elements.

  1. Sealing around air vents and doors

No matter the temperature outside, one of the best things you can do to maintain a moderate temperature indoors is to make sure your home is effectively insulated. While it may be more obvious to make sure that air vents, doors, and windows are sealed properly in winter (for fear of losing precious heat and spiking heating bills!), it’s just as important in summer.

An effective seal can prevent cool air from escaping and also help keep humidity to a minimum. Broken or ineffective seals can trap moisture, causing excess humidity in your home, making it uncomfortable in the already hot summer months, but also putting your home at risk of mould, fungal growth, and decay. So, sealing around all doors, windows, and air vents with CT1 can be vital to keeping your home both cool and well-maintained.

If you’re inspired to start your summer home renovations, get started with CT1 now. Find yours online and in store at our retail partner, Toolstation.



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