3 Steps to Remove Spray Paint and Graffiti

Removing spray paint and graffiti can take some time if you’re using the wrong approach and products. However, if you follow this handy guide for removing spray paint, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration!


When you’re faced with the daunting task of having to remove spray paint, it can seem almost impossible to get rid of it. Instead of waiting around though, you need to act quickly. The faster you remove spray paint, the easier the job will be. However, if the spray paint has had a lot of time to settle in, this guide will still help you to clean spray paint from surfaces such as walls, concrete, wood, metal and so on.


1. Use Peel Tec from C-Tec

Regular paint thinners eradiate lots of harmful chemicals and fumes. When you’re removing spray paint, you need to choose a paint remover that isn’t dangerous. After all, breathing in harmful fumes can cause a host of health issues. Thankfully, Peel Tec is far from the tedious and unsafe methods of removing spray paint such as heat, harsh solvents and even mechanical methods.


The first step when using Peel Tec to remove spray paint is to test an area to make sure that the product is compatible with the surface, which it likely will be. Peel Tec is a revolutionary spray paint remover and works incredibly well with different types of materials, spray paint and graffiti.


2. Apply Peel Tec

The next step to remove spray paint and graffiti is to apply Peel Tec directly onto the surface. Peel Tec has a gel-based structure and comes in a handy aerosol that’s very easy to use. It’s perfect for removing unwanted spray paint from multiple surfaces. As a versatile solution, it is eligible for use with everything from wood to stone and concrete. Spray paint removal is fast and efficient. You won’t have to wait long for Peel Tec to get to work and you’ll notice that the paint will soon become much easier to remove.


3. Peel the paint away!

The final step is to simply peel the paint away! You can use a scraper tool to assist you with this step. All you have to do is take the scraper and start peeling the spray paint residue from the surface. Within just 10 minutes of application, the spray paint residue will be ready for removal. It’s easy to scrape the paint away and it won’t take much time to complete the task. However, for stubborn particles, you may need to repeat the process. The result of which will be a perfectly clean material surface. You can then leave it as it is or grab a paintbrush and paint over the surface as required.


For a quick and easy spray paint removal process, choose Peel Tec! You can follow the same steps above when it comes to removing other things such as graffiti, varnish and so on. If you want to learn more about this product, head over to this page and make sure to check out the short demonstration video to see Peel Tec in action!

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