3 Hacks for Achieving the Perfect Seal with CT1

CT1’s new and improved TRIBRID® Technology sealant can be used in a wide variety of applications. This includes creating a watertight seal that has a smooth and clean finish. Due to its high elasticity and thin nozzle, CT1 is easy to apply even in tricky corners or for sealing thin cracks. CT1 creates a watertight seal that blocks fluid and moisture from penetrating the sealant. It is ideal for sealing cracks, filling gaps, and so much more. But, how can you achieve the perfect seal with CT1? Here are our top five hacks to help you get a professional finish:


  1. Remove old silicone sealant first


Before using CT1 to seal anything, you need to make sure that you remove the old silicone first. If you leave it on and apply CT1 over the top, you won’t achieve the same level of results as you would if you apply CT1 on a clean surface. To remove the old sealant, grab a sharp knife and cut along the edges of the sealant. This should help pry it from the surface, making it easier to peel the old sealant away.


  1. Apply MultiSolve to remove residue


Before applying the new sealant, you can use C-Tec MultiSolve to help clean and prep the surface. Once you have removed the old sealant, residue may remain. To clean the residue, spray MultiSolve onto the desired surface. Within seconds, this non-aggressive multi-purpose solvent will get to work and leave the surface ready for the new sealant to be applied. MultiSolve not only removes sealants and adhesives, but it can also be used to remove grease, silicone, wax, tar, oil, printing ink, and paraffin, etc. It dries very fast, so you won’t have to wait around for long before you can re-seal the area with CT1. When you have finished sealing the area with CT1, you can use MultiSolve to help create a smooth bead with a clean finish.


  1. Create straight lines using masking tape


This old trick helps to ensure that the lines you create with the sealant are straight. Apply the masking tape to both sides of the line you intend to create. Then, apply CT1 sealant with confidence, using the masking tape to guide you. It’s fine if you go over the edges and get some sealant on the masking tape as this can be easily removed when you’ve finished applying the sealant. Once you’re done, remove the tape before the sealant has dried.


There you have it, three easy hacks to help you create the perfect seal with CT1. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing and bonding. It has excellent colour retention, which means it does not turn yellow as quickly as traditional sealants. CT1 has excellent resistance to chemicals and vibration and it will not shrink or crack over time. CT1 creates strong, long-lasting seals and bonds that you can depend on, making it the perfect solution for any application.


CT1 have partnered up with team at Wickes to supply their 230+ branches located throughout England, Wales and Scotland. CT1 comes in nine colours including Clear, White, Black, Grey, Brown, Oak, Beige, Anthracite and Silver, and Wickes stock the full range in each of their branches.

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