10 reasons why CT1 is the Number 1 Construction Sealant of the Year

CT1, also known as the Snag List Eliminator, is now officially the number one sealant of the year. This is no surprise since CT1 has recently been renewed with its new TRIBRID® technology. This technology has never been used in the industry before now nor will it ever be used by any other company or product other than CT1.

So, what makes this new and improved CT1 rule the kingdom of modern-day sealants? Here are 10 reasons for you:


1. Bacteria resistant

Thanks to CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology, bacteria, and microbes cannot survive on the surface of this sealant. This makes it perfect for use in bathrooms and other areas that are prone to bacterial infestation.


2. Prevents mould and fungus

Again, with CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology leading the way, CT1 can not only reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%, but it will also prevent mould from setting in and spreading throughout the surface of the sealant. It’ll also effectively prevent the fungus from growing on its surface too, making it an excellent sanitary product.


3. Can be used in wet or dry conditions

Unlike many other construction sealants and adhesives, CT1 is not bound by its surrounding conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re using CT1 in the middle of a dry spell or you’re applying it underwater, CT1 can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


4. Retains its colour

Many regular sealants (lacking CT1’s TRIBRID® technology) will eventually lose its original colour over time. It might even turn yellow or black and will either require a deep clean, or you’ll have to re-apply the sealant. However, CT1 now has higher colour retention and you won’t have to worry about it becoming discoloured over time.


5. Stronger than ever

CT1’s bond is bigger, better and stronger than ever. In fact, its initial strength has increased to an impressive 300 N/cm², which makes it a trustworthy sealant for heavy-duty applications.


6. Over 25 certifications and accreditations

What makes it so easy to trust CT1’s performance and credibility is the large number of certifications accredited to its name. This even includes approval from the NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association).


7. Odourless and UV resistant

A lot of sealants have a nasty odour to them that takes hours to lift. Thankfully, CT1 is completely odourless, which is a nice bonus. Plus, it’s UV resistant, so it’s great for outdoor use and other applications.


8. Contains no solvents

CT1 is one of the safest sealants on the market. Aside from being bacteria and mould resistant, it contains no solvents or isocyanates.


9. Bonds to a range of materials

CT1 is a universal sealant with excellent adhesion on virtually any material including (but not limited to) glass, wood, mirror, MDF, fibreglass, concrete, tiles, most stones and many more.


10. Doesn’t need additional fixings

One of the best things about CT1 is the fact that you can bond almost any material with it without the need for additional fixings. It’s clear that CT1 is the ultimate solution for all of your sealing and bonding needs.


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