PeelTec the latest technology in removing paint, rust and Antifoul!

Marine industry, watch out! A local Marine and General maintenance company were amazed at what happened!

So CT1 of course launched her sister product Peeltec which has changed the way painters and decorators remove paint. This now happens safely, quickly and without burning your delicate digits. Peeltec which has stunned the painting and decorating industry and pretty much stole the show at last year’s Home Build and Renovating Show, took an interesting tour of duty on the beautiful island of Guernsey.

This picturesque island, with a bustling marine and harbour which is subject to the sometimes cruel and harsh weather, bashing against its idyllic coast … their homes, cars, buildings, and boats are in constant upkeep and repair to keep in line with the cosmetically  beautiful surroundings.

Flaking railings, rusty garden gates, weather beaten cottages, tired vintage cars and tarnished antifoul laden yachts simply won’t do here! The hive of activity on the island to keep everything pristine is a sight … from building renovations on houses, painting and decorating business’s galore, gardening and horticulture and of course boat and marine yards constantly on the go. Keeping the gleaming yacht’s gleaming down to fishing trawlers getting a brush up.

So we visited a few of these bustling yards in association Direct Heating Supplies (DHS) Guernsey and their staff. We of course marvelled at the size and luxurious yachts, admired the hard work of the trawlers and hoped for a spin on the tourist vessels, and all with the same lingering problem. Anti-Foul. Yes. antifoul, layers and layers of antifoul from the sea and birds above air, slow these jewels of the sea.

A task that every yard faces and one that is time consuming, tiresome and costly. So when we visited these marine repair shops, our aim was to show them the wonder of Peeltec removing old paint, varnish, lacquer from their decks to the interiors. Of course impressed … But the burning question was … “Does it remove antifoul?” … CT1 never to shy away from a task or a challenge, we were confident our latest technology would complete the task.

And wow what a response and what a solution for this industry! Within 3 minuets it had removed 8 years of anti-foul! Magic?? No. Peeltec. Yes!

We quickly got the attention of the other workers on decks, causing a commotion we were soon surrounded with jaws dropping and signs of ooo and no way!

We quickly then were ushered of to another boat … as if in disbelief this could work and “try my boat!” … so again never to turn down a challenge, we hurried to the next task at hand.

Again, to the amazement and sighs of relief they had found the answer! Peeltec wiped away their woes and Anti Foul.

Peeltec which is also 100% Methyl Chloride free, is also the most user friendly and safest method to use. Conventional paint strippers can be harmful and sandblasting can have its own dangers. Peeltec … simply spray and the pain (and Antifoul) peels away.

Also to the relief of our eager and happy audience it doesn’t damage the base material of the boat so no fear of damage, scratching or clouding.

This trip was done in association with DHS Guernsey and we would like to thank all their staff for their help and support!