How do you clean a sandstone lintel with Tar? We have the answer, have a read and look!

Matthew Twenty Man from Peter Cox Engineering had that pesky tar all over some fabulous sandstone Lintel…


Two difficult substrates to remove… well it is if you don’t have Multisolve… the fast acting and multipurpose solvent.


A hard task here, would normally require a lot of Elbow grease, chuffed hands, sweaty brow… but when Matthew  grabbed some Multsilolve, he now has cans in his Van all of the time..


In His own words… Was hoping would take it off, it took it all off… absolutely amazing stuff!”. Well Matthew, thank you for sharing… we love to see all the unique applications our products can be the solution too.

Before Multisolve attacked the tar on the Limestone.
Difficult Tar embedded on Limestone.
Tar on Limestone.