CT1 continues to support and Nurture young talent

In a world of uncertainty for many of the youth today living in the afterlife of the global economic crisis, education becoming more expensive with student loans crushing many young adults whilst deterring those interested in gaining qualifications due to lack of jobs thereafter. Some of our young are amidst or on the brink of national unrest with a bleak prospective for the future and the like. For some its peer pressure mounting to be included in anti-social behaviour, easy access to harmful influences via cyberspace and the like. However, it is not all doom and gloom, for some youth’s refuse to settle for “their lot” and strive to make a stamp and a difference in the world, which in turn encourages other youth mates to do the same. When these stories hit the media, there is a frenzy, people will support and encourage them on and are warmed by positive stories and not those of the younger generation on benefits schemes and all hope seems lost for them. And indeed, things seem to be on the “up” across the pond, and construction on the rise industry leaders are seeking and encouraging young talent to come forward. “A tale of Change” paints a picture of youthful talent being sought after, as mentioned by Chris Wood, the DTZ executive vice president. “Chicago’s CBD is benefiting from a search for talent,” and ” We are seeing a tremendous amount of activity in the capital markets—more than $3.5 billion of activity year to date in 2014″. See full article http://goo.gl/G3l2j1

 And so is the case here, but not only admiring talent and specifically talent in the construction industry, what about actually supporting it and nurturing it. Once again, we are impressed with the famous brand CT1- The Snag List Eliminator. The Number 1 sealant and adhesive in the construction industry. This product and brand has revolutionised the world of sealants and the DIY market. Since it has revolutionised the way in which we bond mount and seal, the brand also wants to help change the future for some young and help bond their talent into tomorrow’s world. Such one beacon of light is a new name to Declan McAleenan MMA Fighting Champion. Whom at the tender age of 23 is the unified featherweight division of Irish MMA, by firstly winning The #Iska title followed by the prestigious Clan Wars Title.
Declan in his youth dominated Irish Karate winning 16 All Ireland titles and numerous European medals including 3 gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze in 2012 and has also been awarded The City of Newry Senior Sports Personality of the Year. Such talent, drive and enthusiasm has made him a beacon of light and hope to many youths, and CT1- Snag List Eliminator – has backed this young champ as he too will not be eliminated! See this impressive clip of what he is made off! http://goo.gl/YR0CjO and http://goo.gl/ykjMZV
The Journey is just beginning for this young champion! bearing the logo of the champion of Sealants, CT1 – the sky’s the limit. His dedication, mental focus, ability to take criticism and learn has paved his way for his glittering career in professional fighting. He further enhanced his MMA training and career with MMA star Damien Rooney boxing coach Tony Hughes. His huge following on social media only highlight’s his success and Declan McAleenans brand is also growing! Where next for the young and talented Declan McAleenan @decky91 ? He is about to embark on an intense training regime and the next stage in his career. He travels to Brazil on the 3rd of November with his BJJ coach and MMA coach Sebastian Torres for two weeks of extreme intense training with world masters Following this gruelling schedule and endurance, in January 2015 HE GOES TO FIGHT CAMP IN LOS ANGELES FOR TWO WEEKS PREPARATION WHERE ON HIS RETURN HE INTENDS TO TURN PRO! What an achievement and what a story! We wish Declan all the best for the future as we watch in awe a rising star!