Wanderer ii a 1972 Ring Net Trawler restored and repaired with CT1

Deck caulking:

CT1 with its unique formula is so multipurpose that all trades people can use it on almost any application. CT1 has repaired many fish tanks, ponds and swimming pools and can even seal a leak underwater! It has helped many of those in need of a repair immediately and of course no threat to the fish. Which is perfect for the likes of a boat in this case.

Wanderer ii is a 1972 Ring Net Trawler built by Noble and Son, Girvan Scotland. As the existing caulk had cracked in the heat of the sun and the deck planks opened, work was needed to make the deck watertight. To do this, the existing caulk would have to be removed, the oakum inspected where necessary replaced. Where the oakum was disturbed, it would be tamped back into place using a tamping tool.

Read the testimonial below of how CT1 helped repair this boat immediately! (Images included)

“I had already tried a number of sealants until I came across a new product to caulking called CT1. It is the one I chose after checking it out with some other shipwrights. I decided to buy a tube after listening to many benefits of it. I spread it liberally on a timber joint and then sealed the unit in CT1 dumping it in the sea for a month off the pontoon near my boat.

It didn’t leak, there was no evidence to show any water ingress when I cut into the joint with a saw and therefore, I reckoned, up to the job. Not satisfied with that, after sealing up the cut, I then left the joint on the wheelhouse roof exposed to the sun for a month. There was no visible breakdown of the material and cutting through the CT1 membrane and into the joint showed no breakdown or damage to the joint.”


Attention then turned to the hull. Since CT1 had successfully filled a number of voids on the deck and as cited by its manufacturer as being impervious to salt water, rather than use a traditional red bitumen powder and linseed putty, id rake out, clean, wash with fresh water, allow to dry and then apply CT1.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the mastic CT1 and would heartily recommend it to any wooden boat enthusiast as a replacement for traditional materials.