Trade Shows and what the future holds

There seems to be a tide of change in relation to trade shows and national trade shows. Is this now the old way of showcasing a company’s wares and services? Has Zoom and LinkedIn now taken over the traditional booth and showcasing?

Some businesses are beginning to see value in these methods without having to travel the length and breadth of the country.

Indeed, there are conflicting opinions, as some trade shows seem to be on the rise in certain industries whilst others have had to reinvent themselves and are on the rise now due to massive rebranding.

However, there is nothing like meeting and doing business face-to-face and most suppliers agree that successful and engaging trade shows are healthy for any industry.

Large national trade shows want to pull in the big names, CT1 The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive have always been targeted by enthusiastic salespeople for shows to book stands as CT1 stands historically always attract massive crowds. CT1’s demonstration of products is legendary, and in fact so powerful that they are often copied. CT1 has coined the term and stands till this day, “Often Copied Never Equalled”.

CT1 has always used large national trade shows to launch new products and with great success, but as the industry leaders, we do also see value in trade shows, how can you show the products technology over Zoom or LinkedIn?

Trade Shows have changed due to how our world has changed, we have become more virtual, so trade so attendees are now savvier, doing their research and finding who they want to meet.

They may now not necessarily be there to buy but still do business. Build networking relationships and form new alliances. Now everyone buys online, so why should I buy at a trade show?

We now have to use social media more and more to get that content out there to why you would need to come to a specific stand. Pre-organised meetings are now more in common through the power of LinkedIn.

Trade shows indeed are changing, driven by the incredible change in our society, economy and technological environment. Attendees have new reasons why they attend trade shows. We need to capitalize on this massive opportunity to be a better, stronger and more purposeful meeting.

CT1 The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive also see the benefit of accepting thought leadership speaking roles and connecting with audiences and engaging in positive media both print and social around the show.

CT1 once again successfully executed that at the recent KBB show in the NEC, launching BT1 Bathroom Technology Number 1.

You can’t be wowing a crowd without a demonstration and showcasing technology! See for future trade shows and investigate for yourself!

You can also check out the video below to listen to some of our Distributors talk about CT1 attending Trade Shows, or have a look at our stand at the KBB Show 2020!