Unique replica of the Famous Car “Il Tempo Gigante”

The Car Builder Mr. Erlend Kragset from TV Show “Norway Around” and his

Unique replica of the Famous Car “Il Tempo Gigante” from the movie Flåklypa

I can easily recommend CT1. My biggest hobby is to create unique replicas of famous cars and I have tried most adhesive products on the market. CT1 is superior the simplest and best product I’ve used. Easy to squeeze, no mess, wiped away easily, remains flexible and unbelievable adhesion. On my replica of Flåklypas “IL Tempo Gigante” I have used CT1 as finish sealing and bonding of all metal plates in brass and sticking all instruments and panel plates inside the car. To use one product to many areas has saved me lots of hours. I have used CT1 on several projects and will continue to do this on my next project; “Flåklypas Rudolf Blodstrupmoen’s race car.” CT1 can with good experience be recommended for everyone, if you want a product that really works and saves you time.

Erlend Kragset
Auto mechanic and hobby Car Builder
Hakallestranda in Vanylen

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