• Wedge Roofing Centre
    Wedge Roofing Centre

    We are a major supplier of CT1 products in all colours, Multisolve and now also Power Grab n Bond.We have been selling these products very successfully over the past year and... Read More

  • Gradans Architectural Hardware
    Gradans Architectural Hardware

    After starting with the basic CT1 range in our showroom we are pleased to say that we have now achieved many return customers who come back to our shop just to buy your... Read More

  • John Ruth & Sons
    John Ruth & Sons

    We have many application where we use CT1. We find it particularily useful for fixing hardwood to steel. This used to be difficult, time comsuming job. But no more!Also the fact... Read More

  • Sign Trade Supplies
    Sign Trade Supplies

    Just a quick line to say how superb your product Power Grab & Bond is. Not only do we use Power Grab & Bond ourselves but we supply it to the sign making trade. They... Read More

  • Tyrone Fabrication Ltd
    Tyrone Fabrication Ltd

    “We found that by using CT1 we were able to be much more efficient as it is one of the very few sealants that will with stand our powder coat baking oven which runs at 180oC... Read More

  • Allied Solar – Miracle Seal
    Allied Solar – Miracle Seal

    By Allied SolarI found that previous internal leak sealing products clogged pipe work and pumps. With your MIRACLE SEAL, the systems run away as normal, and more importantly... Read More

  • By Design Sealants
    By Design Sealants

    “By Design Sealants Ltd” has been using CT1 for a number of years now, when we first saw the demonstration for CT1 we were amazed by the versatility of the product. Instantly we... Read More

  • Thanet Gas Spares
    Thanet Gas Spares

    Here at TGS, CT1 has proven its reputation and worth time and time again. We have personally used CT1 for many applications, including bonding a vertical display stand to a... Read More

  • Chippy’s Mate
    Chippy’s Mate

    Chippys Mate are a North Norfolk Kitchen Suppliers. We can supply Kitchens, Replacement Doors, Tools, Fixings, Abrasives, Adhesives, Hardware and Sealants for both the Trade and... Read More

  • Michael Mc Caul Signs
    Michael Mc Caul Signs

    Within the uk sign industry many major companys have struggled over the yearsto find products for bonding that will with stand the weather climates thatcan change very quickly... Read More

  • Fixings Warehouse
    Fixings Warehouse

    Fixings Warehouse was founded in 1991.Trading from a small industrial estate in rural Pluckley just outside Ashford in Kent, the business grew steadily until 2000 when it simply... Read More

  • Stick With Us
    Stick With Us

    Stickwithus are a 'one stop shop' for many different types of adhesive andCT1 is fast becoming one of our great sellers. We find most tradesmen use it regularly and like to keep... Read More

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