Why should I purchase CT-1? Available in CROWN Decorating Centres

Why should I purchase CT-1?

Because it really does do exactly what it says on the tin.
After trying multiple sealants and going through what felt like an endless list of potential hopefuls, we stumbled across CT-1 by accident.

We saw a demonstration video on YouTube, showing its various applications, hearing its various uses and confronted by its various claims. To be honest it
sounded too good to be true. If it had just been a run of the mill TV advert we probably wouldn’t have pursued it any further.

However, this demonstration was taking place at a trade show and we could see the claims being made with our own eyes. The video was being made by an external reviewer. The rep couldn’t over promise in front of the camera. The product had to do its job first time. If this product was as good
as it says it was, we had to get hold of it. And we did.

Finally, it arrived. Opening the package and already I was struck by the provision of a screw cap on
the sealant spout, which would facilitate multiple uses and reduce the chances of the product drying out. Other than that, apart from its snazzy packing, its exterior appearance was like any other sealant. The same can’t be said when it came to its first application.
Unlike some sealants, CT-1 came out the tube with ease. It wasn’t too viscous and thick nor to watery and thin. On first sight, it seemed to have enough substance to it, you had confidence it would do the job. Yet not so much that it was difficult to work with.
Unlike some sealants, it was responsive to being moulded and worked in to finer cracks and gaps. It didn’t start to dry out. It didn’t adhere to my fingers more than the material I was sealing. It didn’t alter in substance by become more runny or thick, for example due to body heat.
Unlike some sealants, it can actually be applied in wet environments, even underwater! And unlike some sealants, it was fairly easily removed from the hands with a damp cloth.
Unlike some sealants, we could test whether it had done the job almost immediately… and it had!
These results were repeated application after application. It hasn’t yet let us down and months after, we haven’t yet had a call back to a problem that CT-1
has previously solved.

The only problem with CT-1 is you can’t get enough of it in one tube!

Available in:  https://www.crowndecoratingcentres.co.uk/

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