Sports Pundit hits No 1 in the charts with his Podcast The Last Word with CT1

Yes, controversial sports personalities do make for the best listening. Strong opinions, a good voice, you just have to give in, download and listen.

Putting people on the spot, asking thought provoking questions, and questioning some players worth? And managers’ ability to manage, gets people riled up … but hooked. This is why Stan Collymore’s podcast “The Last Word” has been voted as The Number 1 podcast in the UK … across the board! Beating some tough competition out there, it flew to top of the charts and we know why. He knows his stuff!

First interview with Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp was a hit, joined by Hugh Whizzy ahead of the Premier Club Season they made their predications. Indeed, the big man is back with an unfiltered opinion, raising blood pressures, but you just can’t stop listening.

Alongside his gunner’s side kick Hugh Whizzy, they discussed was the Charity Shield regarded as a major trophy? And was it worth winning? Ct1 think so, as we are the Number 1 sealant and adhesive in UK … if you are in it … you must win it!

Is Man City on another level? Is this season too long? Listen to Jurgen Klopp’s thoughts and what he did on his holidays!

Through the season you will get the best analysis on upcoming games, big interviews, young hungry voices ahead of the football season. All 20 premier leagues clubs will be looked at, and a chance to react and Tweet back with the big guy himself.

Already voted No 1 and no sign of budging, all those football hungry listeners are awaiting interviews with legends such as Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, Gary Lineker, Sol Campbell and many more …

But what makes this show so special why are the footballing hall of legends queuing up to get on air? It’s the straight talking, hard opinions and good banter which makes these guests know firstly their voice is heard by most of the footballing nation and it’s downright entertaining.

People want to hear controversy, debates and footballing facts. CT1 who also lead the way in technology and latest developments jumped at the chance to be part of this Podcast. Podcasts are now fast outgrowing radio and they give the listener a chance to listen to what they want to! Stop, pause, repeat and keep! And without endless ads, interruptions and white noise that clearly doesn’t interest them.

We are moving with that wave, as CT1 likes to create waves too. CT1 who have also themselves been voted the No 1 Sealant and adhesive, have now broken the mould again! Introducing the latest technology in the building industry … Tribrid® Technology! Watch this space for more information and listen to “The Last Word” every Monday for more exciting details.