WT1 fixes problem of leaking garden shed roof

Reasons to deploy WT1 at once

Once a garden shed roof begins to leak, instant repairs are required,especially in the case of those that have wooden floors. Any delay in effecting a fix can cost dearly with the obvious vulnerability of wooden flooring when exposed to wet conditions. The expense incurred in having to replace the flooring in your garden shed should be reason enough to ensure immediate repair of the leaking roof, notwithstanding the damage that might be caused to lawnmowers or other equipment stored in the shed. If you have an expensive machinery stored in the shed exposed to constant rain water from your roof leakage you could conceivably end up with a very large bill to repair or replace them as well. Pre emptive action is necessary to curtail collateral damage so roof repairs demand immediate attention. Over the recent past there were a number of solutions available for leaking roof repairs but with the initiation of health, safety and environmental directives many of those products are no longer acceptable. There is one product that does qualify on all levels and has a proven track record as an effective waterproof sealant. It is WT1, an additional string in the bow of C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory – products designed and manufactured to provide solutions to every conceivable adhesive/sealant requirement in the construction and DIY industry.

Application is easy

This newly formulated compound can be applied effectively to all types of roofs including flat, sloping, pitched and lean to and to all roofing materials including wood, concrete, metal, lead and plastic. Depending on the shape and size of your garden shed roof you can apply it with a brush, trowel or flat applicator straight from the tin. It is ideal for sealing cracks as its fluid quality allows it to access the narrowest or widest fission providing a waterproof seal that offers longevity in all weather conditions. You can partially repair the roof where the actual leakage spot is or you can alternatively seal the whole roof guaranteeing no further water leakage anywhere.

Beneficial features of the sealant/ adhesive

WT1 is particularly adept at remaining flexible yet stable under extreme temperatures and is ideal for roof repairs where there is complete exposure to weather extremes. With its excellent adhesion quality it maintains a formidable bonding strength that ensures a dry shed interior and a wooden roof that will not degrade through wet or dampness, thanks to its impervious coat of waterproof sealant. Another favourable aspect of this sealant is how it can be applied in different densities as required and can be rendered or painted over to provide the finished look you want. The important thing to remember is to react immediately to leaking problems. According to the old adage – a stitch in time saves nine. Do not procrastinate as regards roof repairs and choose WT1, the universally endorsed and most effective waterproofed sealant on the market, to provide a truly professional solution that promises a lasting fix.