What Should I Do If My Boat Has a Leak?

There’s nothing more terrifying than being out at sea with a surprise leak on board the boat, which is why most sailors carry a cartridge of CT1 in their tool box. This unique sealant and adhesive is 100% waterproof and works in wet and dry conditions. In addition to this, it also works in salt-water environments, which makes it the perfect solution when it comes to fixing a leak out at sea.

Marine Sealants

Ships, boats and yachts are made to be protected against corrosion, which is why they require a powerful water-proof sealant to finish joints and repair leaks. High-performance sealant joints can withstand the sea-water conditions and fight against corrosion. CT1 is ideal for marine and boating maintenance, including emergency and accident repairs. Many sailors report having a “peace of mind” when they’ve got CT1 on board. It provides an added layer of protection to your emergency repair procedure and offers a flexible, water resistant and corrosion resistant solution.

Water Resistant Sealant and Adhesive

CT1 has an excellent adhesion to various substrates and materials. Its flexibility means that it allows for a permanent elasticity and resistance against water corrosion. Unlike conventional polyurethane sealants, CT1 never loses its original bonding integrity or strength. It continues to provide a strong bond no matter the surrounding weather or environmental conditions. Traditional sealants are not strong enough to use for emergency repairs on boats because they experience sensitivity to UV radiation. This means that, after a prolonged period of time and sun exposure, the bond will begin to weaken. Signs of degradation include cracks, shrinkage and chalking. To avoid this and loss of bonding strength, a UV resistant sealant and adhesive should be used.

UV Resistant Sealant

CT1 can be used to seal hatches, window rebates, deck fittings, joints and repair damages on boats. It prevents fungal growth, which can be a very common problem on boats because of the natural damp conditions. This powerful sealant is UV resistant, which means it will not shrink or crack when exposed to sunlight. It retains its adhesion despite the surrounding environment. This makes it perfect for use on yachts, boats and ships. Since it doesn’t contain any harmful solvents, it will never shrink or lose its bonding strength over time.

This water-resistant sealant is often used to fix swimming pool leaks. It’s also ideal for repairing fine cracks beneath the water. It’s 100% odourless and can be painted with most paints. This means you don’t have to sacrifice the visual appearance of your boat. If you prefer to skip the paint job, you have a great range of various sealant colours to choose from including white, brown, black and clear.

CT1 – The Ultimate Marine and Boating Maintenance Repair Sealant