What Our Customers Say About C-Tec and CT1 Adhesive/Sealant

Since the introduction into the market of the revolutionary CT1 Adhesive/Sealant over five years ago by C-Tec, the response has been incredible. We as a company have been involved over a number of years in designing, developing Tec N.I. Ltd and marketing unique problem solving products for the building and construction industries.

One of C-Tec’s main aims was to bring to the retail market the unique CT1 Adhesive/Sealant, which was predominantly used in production facilities. As the professional tradesman started to use this product, we at CTec started to receive unsolicited testimonials on how incredible it had performed.

We prides ourselves, not only on producing unique products like CT1, but also on our premium customer service. We offer our expert technical advice and support for all of our customers, helping them in any way that we possibly can.


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