What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Graffiti?

Are you looking for the fastest way to remove graffiti?

The sooner you remove graffiti after it is applied, the better the results. Of course, the best way to avoid having to remove graffiti is to prevent it altogether. However, when you’re faced with the task of removing graffiti from surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone, plastic, and metal, the job can seem very daunting. Graffiti is notoriously difficult to remove. While some people may see graffiti as a form of art, it can be a terrible eyesore for others, especially if you didn’t ask for it!

When people are looking for the fastest way to remove graffiti, they often turn to high-pressure systems. Using a high-pressure system to clean graffiti might seem like a good idea at first. However, this method of graffiti removal is known to cause damage to certain materials. The damage caused by such systems becomes much worse when tackling stubborn spray paint that has had months or even years to settle.

The fastest and safest way to remove graffiti is by using Peel Tec, the ultimate graffiti remover!


Peel Tec Graffiti Remover

Peel Tec is a revolutionary product in the industry and has gained a reputation as being the best graffiti remover in the market. Peel Tec effectively removes old and new layers of paint from all types of surfaces from wood to concrete, metal, stone, and brick. It’s a versatile product that uses a simple spray, wait, and wipe cleaning method. Peel Tec’s motto is – don’t burn it, peel it!


What makes Peel Tec the fastest way to remove graffiti?

The fastest way to remove graffiti is with Peel Tec. Peel Tec is the most effective graffiti spray paint remover in the market. All you have to do is spray the solution directly onto the painted surface and the paint will start to peel away in under ten minutes. No other paint remover cleans graffiti as fast as Peel Tec.

However, Peel Tec isn’t just the fastest way to remove graffiti, it’s also the safest way. Traditional graffiti removal methods are often dangerous with many using heat or chemicals as the primary source of removal. Such methods can damage the base material of the surface and pose a potential health hazard too. Peel Tec is 100% methyl chloride-free and removes graffiti safely and effectively.

Graffiti removal was once a difficult task that took a lot of manpower, time, energy, and money. With Peel Tec, you can cut labour time and costs. Peel Tec cleans graffiti from all types of surfaces which include glass, masonry, stone, brick, concrete, and even wood.

To remove graffiti as quickly as possible, use Peel Tec. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is shake up the can and test a small area, and once satisfied, get to work! Apply the product generously to the entire surface area and allow it to take effect. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Peel Tec will effectively remove graffiti fast without damaging the base material!

To get your hands on Peel Tec, visit any of the 230+ Wickes stores across the UK or order it via the Wickes website.

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