What is the fastest way to fix a leak in a car cooling system?

A leak in an automotive cooling system can literally come from any number of sources including pipes, hoses and seals and even small cracks in the engine block or cylinder head. A loss of pressure in the system is an indication of a leak in the block and should be rectified immediately before major engine damage is caused. The professional advice is to stop the vehicle at once and have it checked out before attempting to start the engine and drive off again. This is not always a practical solution for the person requiring the car urgently at that time. Short of calling in a mechanic to diagnose the problem and identify the leak issue what can a lay person do? The only option is to find a sealant capable of repairing the leak instantly and permanently. That is a challenging task considering the amount of pressure being exerted on the system even with fail safe release valves and demands a very special solution. Your challenge is to find a water leak sealant that will seal a crack in the block permanently and under high pressure and not compromise the cooling system operation. It needs to be compatible with the existing coolant in the network, be non corrosive and not damage seals or gaskets connected with the water pump or the engine head gasket. It should also contain lubricating components to protect the mechanical parts of the system ensuring there is no working parts compromise or negative side effects. The question is  – can you find a product that fully matches the criteria for a safe and truly effective solution?

The eponymous Miracle Seal is now available as a permanent fix.

If you have looked hard for the right product but have still not discovered the holy grail then look no further. A revolutionary sealant has been developed and manufactured by C Tec the inventor of  an illustrious and successful family of adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry. Miracle Seal, the brainchild of C Tec, is an amazing sealant that actually does exactly as it claims. It provides a permanent seal to water leaks in cooling systems without compromising or clogging the network of pipes, hoses and pumps or damaging the release valves in the overall cooling system. It ticks all the major boxes as a safe and effective product and is easily dispensed. All you have to do is shake the container of Miracle Seal for sixty seconds and pour it into the cooling system after flushing it out and opening the heater valve. You pour the sealant into the radiator keeping the engine running and topping up the coolant, once it has cooled, until it reaches an ambient level. Miracle seal will not only cure the immediate leak immediately but will also preempt any further leaks in the system by coating other potential weak areas in the system with the sealant solution. Thanks to its non adhesive formulation it will not clog the system but will allow the coolant to run freely through the network to effectively do its job as a heat and cold exchanger. Miracle Seal is the perfect solution for fixing leaks permanently. It is advisable to carry a bottle of this sealant in your car as an immediate solution to potential cooling system leaks.

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