What is the best way to strip varnish from a mahogany sideboard?

Varnished mahogany sideboards lose their shiny lustre through time and require restoration to regain their original cosmetic pristine appearance. For those initiated in the business of re-varnishing furniture they have the experience to recognise it is a slow intensive process with no real all singing and dancing solution. There are traditionally a number of options for stripping varnish back but they all have their disadvantages and shortcomings. The dilemma for the painter or operative is combining their skills with the solutions at their disposal to achieve the best results possible. You want a varnish stripper that is primarily effective but also safe to use. The reality up to now has been that none of the available solutions were either safe or totally effective. The problem with removing varnish is how to ensure the base is not compromised through accidental scratching or damage so the new coat will not reflect any imperfections in the mahogany base. Unfortunately there is no guarantee of that status with traditional methods of varnish removal and that can present added pressure to providing a perfect re-varnish finish. Only the highly honed skills of a professional operative can provide any modicum of reassurance in this respect. Traditional methods all represent less than perfect solutions of varnish removal. Solvents produce noxious vapours, sanding produces harmful dust and heat treatment produces fumes and even smoke which can be hurtful to both eyes and airways.

An effective solution for removing varnish does exist

You can now effectively remove varnish from a mahogany sideboard with the arrival on the market of new invention – an innovative product named Peel Tec. Researched and developed by C Tec who have established a very successful family of sealants and adhesives specifically designed for the Construction Industry, this revolutionary varnish stripper effectively removes varnish quickly and safely from practically any material base leaving a clinically clean surface for the application of a new coat of varnish. Hardwoods such as mahogany are very unforgiving where scratching or minor damage occurs and this product is formulated not to cause any accidental damage or scratching to the wood surface. It is also Methyl Chloride free which makes it a popular solution for a consumer public greatly preoccupied with product safety. From a purely technical perspective it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is easily applicable in a spray gel form that eats immediately into the varnish reducing it to a residue that can be peeled away within ten minutes. This incredible varnish removal solution is a one stop shop for a complete and competent varnish removing product.

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