What is the best way to strip paint from Wood Window Sills?

Through time painted wood window sills can become lack-lustre and a cosmetic distraction, especially in a room setting where the windows are the central focus and a major attraction. This applies particularly to large picture windows and architecturally appealing designs, but not exclusively, as window sills in all domestic settings attract immediate visitor attention. Needless to say, if they receive unnatural wear and tear from tiny hands or feet, then they require refreshing with a new coat of paint. The actual process of repainting presents no real problem but the preparation does. Stripping paint from window sills is traditionally a tedious task, especially with paint removal methods that present certain drawbacks. A new innovative product for stripping paint has arrived recently on the market and is creating quite a storm in the Construction Industry and Painting sector. This imaginative and effective paint stripping solution is the result of an intensive period of Research and Development which has delivered a product that is fast, efficient and economical. Moreover, it is a safe product with a formulation that is Methyl Chloride free – a chemical that can cause serious health problems. It is a very versatile invention that can be deployed effectively on practically all material surfaces without scratching or damage, leaving a clinically clean finish that is receptive to a new coat of paint.

The perfect painter’s mate for paint stripping is here now

Banished the need to use unsafe, outdated and ineffective methods of paint stripping that were  labour intensive, tedious and uneconomical. No more heat treatment or blow torch scorching is required. No need for harsh solvents with their inherent dangers nor mechanical methods involving dusty manual and electric sanders. With Peel Tec, paint simply peels away. It is very easy to use from a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle delivering the required amount to the desired area. You simply spray the product onto the target surface and within ten minutes it will have done its work in dissolving the paint with clinical efficiency. Removing the residue is an effortless task – simply peel it away with a scraper leaving a perfectly pristine surface ready for a repaint. Its special formulation ensures it is Methyl Chloride free and totally efficient in “doing what it says on the tin”. It is a vapourless non toxic solution that is tough on the paint and gentle on the base surface, leaving a clean area that is receptive to a new coat of paint. This unique product is economical as it reduces labour considerably and causes no scratching or accidental damage to the target material surface. Its versatility means that it is effective on practically all surfaces with the same clinical proficiency. According to trade painters and product distributors alike this is the greatest paint stripper ever to come on the market. The phenomenal demand for this product is testament to its efficacy and popularity both in the Construction Industry and in the domestic consumer market.

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