What is the best way to remove paint from wooden window shutters.

Shutters or ‘volets,’ as they are known in France, are a beautiful cosmetic addition to windows creating a warm, welcoming sophisticated Mediterranean appearance and ambience. The fact that they are functional window covers acting as blinds means that both sides are exposed when open and closed. Moreover, they provide an additional focal point to a house, as most impressively expressed, when installed alongside French style long vertical windows and French Doors. More recently they are becoming a popular window feature and decorative embellishment for internal use also in the home, dispensing in many cases with the traditional custom of hanging blinds and even curtains. The  elegance and charm of external shutters, however, can only be sustained if they are regularly painted to offset the effects of weather extremes such as severe cold, severe heat and wet conditions. Their layered or closed vents can be problematic and time consuming when preparing for a re-paint so it is essential to choose a paint remover that is fast, safe and efficient. Internal shutters will not forego the same rigours but will need regular painting to retain their original integrity and fresh appearance. Traditional methods, including Blow Torch, Harsh Solvents and Mechanical Apparatus, all present their own individual drawbacks with slow operation times and varying results from repetitive processes. Thankfully a very effective product has been recently launched on the market, designed and manufactured by C Tec specifically for the Construction Industry. Its immediate acclaim by trade painters and the building industry in general speaks volumes about the efficacy and economy of this innovative paint remover.

Remove stubborn layers of paint with ease and efficiency

Volets are an item that require  precision removal of old and perhaps stubborn layers of paint to reveal a clinically clean base wood that is receptive to a new coat of paint. Being of such intricate design real care and attention is needed to replicate the unblemished original factory or workshop pristine finish on both sides of the shutters. The innovative qualities of this new product will ensure that the window is properly cleaned and primed before any attempt to apply the finish coat of paint. Its formulation is such that it will not damage the base material or accidentally scratch it whilst performing its paint removing task. With such a large surface area, window shutters will show any and all defects caused by a careless ineffective paint removal process. The result will unfortunately display an uneven or streaky paint finish which can totally ruin the appearance of the ‘volets’ and detract from the window’s appealing cosmetic aspect as well.

Once the C Tec paint remover  is applied – sprayed on from an aerosol with a unique trigger nozzle – and left for a short while, within ten minutes, to do its work. It can then be scraped off very quickly and painlessly with the minimum of effort. This will provide the perfect clean surface to receive the new coat of paint, returning the volets to their former glory. Peel Tec, the amazing new solution for paint removal, will also tackle the metal hinges holding the volets in place allowing a professional paint finish to match the shutters themselves. The importance of effectively removing the old layer of paint cannot be overestimated in terms of achieving the desired professional paint finish since without that perfectly clean base material no amount of painting over will cover blemishes. C Tec’s paint remover is also the painter’s choice ‘de rigueur’ from a safety perspective as it is vapourless and emits no fumes or damaging chemical elements. It is also Methyl Chloride free which is very reassuring from a health safe angle for painters and passive third parties alike. All these commendable qualities put Peel Tec well ahead of the competition and in prime place for the best product of its kind on the market.

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