What is the best way to remove paint from picture frames?

Picture Frame restoration which requires skill, patience and an eye for detail bestows a new life giving energy on the painting, drawing, photograph or etching on which the newly restored frame is mounted. Regardless of the quality or value of the artist’s creation an attractive picture frame always provides an added bonus in terms of visual appeal. The proverb stating the unlikelihood of being able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear rings rather hollow in this context where the frame can often redeem a mediocre work of art that lacks talent and credibility with the proviso of course that the frame is of sufficient style and quality to actually enhance the overall aspect of the art work. When restoring a wooden picture frame it is essential to remove every vestige of the damaged or worn paint so that a new coat of paint will adhere effectively to a clinically clean surface, providing a smooth, lustrous professional finish – replicating as close as possible the original look. How difficult is that – you might ask? It depends on a number of frame factors including the structure, form and moulding if any. These are features that can make the restoration process more time consuming and labour intensive. The important thing is to find the best way to remove the paint with a method that is safe, effective, fast working and easy to remove with no damage to the material surface. There are a number of methods of removing the paint which are traditionally not fully satisfactory. Heating the paint in this instance could scorch and damage the frame and removing the resulting residue could take some time, neither of which would create any confidence in the process. More recently paint stripper has to some extent replaced the latter method but it also presents difficulties in terms of health issues with vapour and fumes emissions. Moreover it constitutes a laborious task to remove the resultant  residue whilst requiring potentially more than one application of the solvent to remove stubborn layers of paint. Until recently there remained only one further option – use of a mechanical sander. That represents a tedious, lengthy, dusty procedure which painters find slow and uneconomical leaving them in a limbo situation where there is no fool proof method. Enter C Tec’s latest invention on to the painting and decorating scene and suddenly there is a new transformative paint remover “that does what it says on the tin”.

New, safe and effective revolutionary paint remover.

The result of a long period of research and development to find an all embracing product to safely remove paint has produced a revolutionary solution that does the job quickly, safely and efficient. Effective on multiple surfaces leaving no surface blemishes or accidental scratches this amazing product is a real revelation.  C Tec’s latest invention – PeelTec has been formulated to not only be effective but also to be safe and Methyl Chloride free. Those properties alone are an attention grabber and are sufficient to justify the accolade being showered on the product as a super paint remover. Thanks to the arrival of Peel Tec, trade painters are stocking the product as a de facto part of their tool kit. It is fast becoming an indispensable stock in trade item for the Construction Industry in general with Distributors having to order supplies well in advance to satisfy the growing demand for the product right across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. It comes as a spray gel solution in a handy aerosol that delivers the right amount of product to the exact area required. Within ten minutes of application the solution does its work of loosening the paint so it can be peeled away quickly providing a clinically clean surface for a new coat of paint. This solution, par excellence,is fool proof and brings a whole new meaning to paint removal. It is an economical alternative to those methods that failed to work in the past.

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