What is the best way to glue wood dowel joints

The undoubted best way to glue wood dowel joints is to deploy a super glue that has a tried and tested pedigree in terms of grab, high tensile strength, longevity and safety. Wood dowels are a traditional and effective means of jointing wood. Over time the glue that is used to tighten the joint dries out and erodes leaving a vacuum and loose joint. The joint becomes weak and can eventually separate if not glued back in place. It becomes a repetitive process if wood glues are  deployed. Many wood glues are available to breach the gap but they will also succumb to atmospheric and temperature conditions through time and will also cause joints to disintegrate. The vicious circle can only be broken by opting for a cyanoacrylate super glue that will neither shrink or erode and remains resistant to temperature fluctuations. There are a number of these glues on the market but it is important to find one that literally does what it says on the tin. There is a clear criteria for the most effective superglue which should comply with the following product characteristics. It needs to be solvent free, safe, have instant grab, high tensile strength and longevity, be resistant to oil solvents and benzene. If you can find these qualities in a super glue then you are onto a winner. The challenge is sourcing such a product to do the job and it raises the question if it actually exists?

A new single product superglue ticks all the efficiency boxes.

The search for the ideal super glue is effectively successful with the arrival on the market of a uniquely formulated cyanoacrylate super glue from CT1, the home of a family of much acclaimed sealants and adhesives. Developed and manufactured by the Company, in combination with its sister products, Superfast Plus has taken the construction industry by storm. During its short existence it has quickly become the go to super glue for practically all applications across many industries and businesses including the medical and hospitality sectors. Its versatility as a multi tasked gluing product has earned it the kudos of operatives across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Many have testified that Superfast Plus is their number one choice of super glue thanks to its amazing qualities and forms an integral part of their tool kit – ready to take on any gluing challenge. It glues on a molecular level providing instant grab and curing to an almost unbreakable material joint. In fact industrial operatives have stated that the material is likely to break under pressure before the actual glued joint. This miraculous super glue dries to an invisible finish without tarnishing or damaging in any way the material surface. A very light application of the product via an applicator nozzle on the product container is sufficient to provide an extremely strong and long lasting bond that is resistant to temperature and atmospheric fluctuations. It maintains its integrity with no shrinkage or disintegration and continues to provide a high tensile strength joint long after its application. Wood dowels treated with this excellent product will provide an evertight joint that will not loosen

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