What is the best way to glue a granite plaque to a block pier?

Ideally you are looking for a solution that forms an instantly strong bond by firmly attaching the plaque to the block pier. The product application should be effective in both wet and dry conditions and be capable of withstanding both extremes of weather and temperature whilst retaining its bonding integrity. Its formulation should be non aggressive in contact with both natural and synthetic materials enabling an efficient long lasting bond that endures all extreme conditions without compromising its effectiveness.

To ensure a long shelf life the adhesive should be shrink resistant so it maintains its grab ability, keeping the granite plaque firmly in place with no degradation for many years. It should also maintain its aesthetic value as well  as its functional role of gluing efficiently, curing rapidly and providing a permanent bond that glues and seals simultaneously to provide a protective shield that prevents corrosion or moisture damage.

The bond quality should effectively dispense with the need for additional fixings and provide a clean cut mount on the block pier. Necessary properties include the product’s ability to prevent fungal growth, be UV resistant and also vibration resistant, especially if the location of the plaque is adjacent to busy traffic conditions with the consequential impinging effects of gaseous engine emissions. Performance wise, the adhesive should cure rapidly providing a permanent bond that glues and seals simultaneously providing a protective shield to prevent corrosion or moisture damage.

From a safety perspective the solution should be solvent free with no isocyanates. Its hybrid formulation should be non toxic, odourless and without any dangerous fumes. It should present no threat of any kind to third parties.

From an environmentally friendly perspective the adhesive should comply with green regulations..

You might well wonder if a product with such a comprehensive tick box criteria actually exists. Fortunately an effective safe solution that fulfils all the criteria for an ideal adhesive product is now available to the Construction Industry and DIY consumer.

Travis Perkins is a main stockist of this amazing sealant/adhesive in the UK.

An efficient adhesive solution is now available.

Trades people and DIY enthusiasts have long awaited an effective and safe bonding solution that works comprehensively with practically every material and in all conditions. The Holy Grail of sealant/adhesives has been uncovered with the invention and development of CT1’s amazing revolutionary eponymous adhesive CT1. This unique product, fittingly branded  ‘The Snag List Eliminator,’ revolutionises the concept of bonding and sealing and is an efficient adhesive on a full range of materials including masonry, brick, concrete block, metalglass, polystyrene, plastic, fibreglass, marble and stone. It provides a rapid bonding solution with complete curing over a 24 hour period.

With a tensile strength of 265 N/cm squared, it can withstand an unbelievable pull force making it a very credible gluing solution and an ideal method of securing a granite plaque to a concrete block pier. Its applicability in wet conditions and resistance to corrosion and moisture penetration make it the go-to bond and sealant for exterior use. Its unique hybrid formulation also provides a resistance to fuel, oil, solvents and alkalines, ensuring a long life cycle. A very practical attribute is its resistance to UV and consequent solution flexibility in allowing the product to move without compromising its bonding integrity – in weather and temperature extremes.

CT1 actually ticks all the performance boxes as a comprehensively effective and safe adhesive/sealant. It is also environmentally compliant and is used as a safe sealant in the food and medical industry thanks to its ECI and ECIA+ certificate. Its deployment is far reaching with particular application in the Construction sector where it is highly acclaimed as the go-to adhesive/sealant among all the trade groups.

As a safe solvent-free product it is odourless, producing no toxic fumes or gases that could be hazardous to third parties. Whilst CT1 is an excellent solution for vertical bonding, heavy duty jobs would be better suited to a sister product named Power Grabn’ Bond, which is specifically developed for heavy Construction bonding.

CT1 has become the sealant/adhesive of choice for many trades people and DIY adherents across the UK Ireland and Europe and is enjoying a growing reputation as the most effective and safe bonding solution on the market.

As the main stockist for CT1 in the UK Travis Perkins are delighted to supply this revolutionary sealant adhesive to an ever increasing and wide customer base.

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