What is the best way to fill cracks in masonry

There are a variety of proprietary fillers you can use to seal gaps or cracks in masonry but the problem is none are either safe or permanently effective. Unfortunately the cracks all tend to expand or shrink in extreme conditions opening up the affected masonry to further degradation and creating the need to repeat the repairs. It becomes a real chore if a cherry picker has to be hired to access heights to rectify the crack problem above the height of a single storey building This is all frustrating with time consuming labour and repeated expense. Trades people and DIY asherents have been seeking a professional solution that is effective, safe and long lasting. They finally have their wish fulfilled with the development of a revolutionary solution that is taking the Construction Industry by storm right across the UK, Ireland, Europe and Scandinavia.

CT1 have researched and developed an amazing adhesive/sealant with a unique formulation and with the eponymous name of CT1. This amazing product is revolutionising the whole concept of bonding and sealing.

A revolutionary bonding and sealing product is at your disposal

Filling cracks in masonry has just become an easy task with the development of an amazing new adhesive/sealant by CT1. The eponymous product which is the result of an intensive research and development programme by CT1to create a bonding agent that seals and bonds simultaneously has quickly become the go-to adhesive for all construction workers. Designed with the Construction Industry in mind CT1 possesses a host of attributes that contribute to its effectiveness and popularity across a wide spectrum of industries including the DIY, medical and food sectors. Its formulation provides unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. Its great strength is combined with an element of flexibility which allows time for product delivery and levelling, in the instance of filling cracks, before complete curing takes place. An essential element in any new bonding agent is its ability to work efficiently in wet conditions. Not only does CT1 retain its magical adherence performance in extreme conditions but is spreadable under water with equal effect. As a solvent free compound it is odourless and vapourless. It is also resistant to chemicals, vibration and UV which means it does not shrink or expand in extreme conditions and it prevents fungal growth. These are ideal qualities for the purpose of filling cracks in masonry as is its ability to be readily painted over with full effect. The product comes in a convenient container with an automatic dispenser for easy delivery to the exact spot on the material surface. With wall cracks, you simply apply a fine line of CT1 to the crack and level it with a plastic or metal paint scraper to provide a smooth finish. The adhesive/sealant will adhere with instant grab yet remain malleable so it can be smoothed off level with the plaster finish. It will allow for material movement without compromising its integrity or performance as an effective bonding sealing agent.