What is the best shower sealant for domestic use?

Are you looking for a powerful shower sealant to use in your home?


Before you race to the pound store and grab a cheap “no-name’ shower sealant, you may want to re-think a few things first. While most ‘waterproof’ sealants appear to get the job done, they’ll usually wither and crack over time, lose their strength and lead to layers of thick mould growth in and around your shower.

If you want to save yourself hours of cleaning and re-sealing time, you need to choose your shower sealant wisely. At C-Tec, we’ve developed the latest and greatest bathroom sealant known to man – BT1, the ultimate shower sealant for domestic use. But don’t take our word for it…here’s why BT1 takes the crown when it comes to finding a great bathroom sealant to use at home:


No more mould and fungal growth!

Unlike other shower sealants that claim to resist mould, BT1 actually sees its promises through and when we say it is mould resistant, we mean it. Our confidence derives from the fact that BT1 is based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® technology. No other self-claimed anti-bacterial sealant has reached this level of technology in which bacteria and microbes cannot survive on the surface of the sealant. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about mould and fungal growth taking over your bathroom and more importantly, you don’t have to worry about the health risks associated with such bacteria.

Tested under MOD IOS 22196:2011, BT1 reduces bacteria by up to 99.99%. It is effective against a range of bacteria commonly found in household bathrooms including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter.


Super bonding strength!

Like it’s big brother (CT1: The Snag List Eliminator), BT1 will successfully bond a broad spectrum of materials such as woods, metals, brickwork, concrete, fiberglass, glass, ceramic and UPVC. The best part is that you can use BT1 to secure shower panels and trays without the need for additional fixings. Not only does it prevent fungal growth, but it doesn’t shrink over time, which means you’ll achieve lasting bonds in your bathroom and other areas around the house. You can bond materials including most plastics even in wet conditions, which is why BT1 is the best shower sealant for domestic use.


The healthiest option!

BT1 has been named the healthiest option in bathroom sealants and adhesives. You won’t have to worry about high emissions as BT1 has extremely low emissions, which is exactly what you want and need from a home shower sealant. When cured, BT1 forms a highly durable compound with high elasticity. With its unique ability to resist and prevent bacteria and mould growth, BT1 is the world’s healthiest option. If it’s safe enough to use inside all public health institutions including hospitals and clinics, it’s safe enough to use in your home.

If you’d like to find out more about BT1 and where you can find it in your local area, head over to our list of local distributors and give yours a call to see if they stock our revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology.

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