What is a Multi-Purpose Solvent?

A solvent is a chemical substance that is used to dilute or dissolve other materials or substances, such as sealants and adhesives. The dissolved substance is the solute, and once this has been dissolved by the solvent, the process reaches the solution.

Most solvents in the construction industry are made of liquid particles. However, solvents can also be a gas or even a solid. Organic solvents are often used as paint thinners, nail polish removers, glue solvents, in detergents, perfumes and in dry cleaning, to name but a few examples.

Solvent Density

The density of your chosen solvent is quite important when it comes to specific applications. The majority of organic solvents will contain a much lower density than water. This basically means that because it is much lighter, the solvent solution will create a layer on top of the water’s surface. However, other solvents such as chloroform, will fall to the bottom and act as the second layer when in contact with water. Multisolve, as a multi-purpose solvent, has a boiling point/range of 140º C – 171º C and a specific gravity density of 0,740 – 0,750 @ 25º C.

Where are solvents used?

Solvents can be used in the home, outdoors and in the workplace. They are most commonly used in industries requiring their unique services. You will often see them in the construction industry since they are very effective when it comes to preparing and coating surfaces before application with varnishes, adhesives, sealants and paints etc.

Multisolve can be used to remove a range of substances including oil, printing ink, grease, adhesives, sealants, silicone, stickers and wax etc. Multisolve is used in a range of different industries including engineering, plumbing, construction, printing, joiners and electricians etc.

Multisolve Solvent Applications

Multisolve is a fast-performing multipurpose solvent that leaves no traces of any oily film after application. As an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, it is 100% safe to use. It can be applied on a variety of delicate surfaces such as glass, paint and vinyl. Some of the most common applications include degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts, tools and workshop equipment and removal of stickers and residue. It can also be used to remove chewing gum and other stubborn adhesives in the household or workplace.

One of the best aspects of Multisolve is the fact that it can be used to remove various types of substances without damaging the surface of the base material. Most solvents use a harsh chemical burning method to dissolve substances. However, Multisolve does not occupy any kind of burning or harmful tactics to get the job done. Instead, this solvent uses a safe and effective detaching action which is able to dissolve the targeted substance without causing any damage to either the surface area or the user’s skin. As well as being used to dissolve difficult to budge substances, Multisolve is also superb when it comes to degreasing and cleaning different types of surfaces before the use of adhesives and sealants.


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