What do I need to remove paint from a Dog Kennel?

A dog is a man’s best friend and as such deserves a habitable kennel that is attractive looking as well as functional. The reason for painting a kennel is twofold, firstly to protect the wood from the elements and secondly to make it cosmetically appealing as an outdoor extension to your home. It reflects poorly on dog owners to tolerate a shoddy kennel beside their pristine attractively decorated home. Their reputation as a responsible dog owner may be at stake in revealing negative or less than caring attitude towards their pet’s well being, which may not sit well with neighbours and friends. Perhaps in the past, dog owners did not relish the hassle of choosing between unsafe and ineffective methods of removing the layers of old paint in preparation for a coat of new paint. Deploying a heat method involving the risky blow torch operation, which can scorch the wood, followed by the hateful process of clearing the resulting residue is no longer a popular option. The use of harsh solvents presenting certain innate dangers to health and the environment is also a . With these time consuming unsafe methods several attempts might be required to remove all the offending old paint before a fresh coat of paint can be applied. We may then ask the question  – so what is the solution for reluctant dog owners who procrastinate in repainting their kennels or who will not employ a qualified painter to do the job because of the costs of such a labour intensive task.

The most effective and safe paint removal solution

The most efficient solution is at hand in the form of a revolutionary paint remover from the famous C Tec stable of sealants, adhesives and safe solvents that make up the Snag list Eliminator Inventory, designed by the C Tec team specifically for the Construction Industry. Its fast application and clinical efficiency make it an economical and effective alternative to any other paint remover available to the Construction Industry and Paint Trade. As a much faster and more efficacious agent than the competition this revolutionary product is gaining an enviable profile as the-stock-in-trade must have piece of everyday paint trade kit. Its clinical precision on almost any material surface and its simple scrape off and disposal aspect are seeing a massive growth in the product’s popularity and sales. Distributors right across the UK, Ireland and Europe are piling in orders to cope with customer demand which has increased exponentially since launch of the product.

Product properties that combined make Peel Tec such an appealing paint remover proposition include  safe features such as the absence of Methyl Chloride from the chemical formulation ( a chemical that can cause so many health issues). Other qualities include fast activation of the paint remover agent, effective application of the product to most material surfaces, no toxic emissions in the form of vapours or fumes and the simple aerosol deployment in triggering the exact amount of spray required onto the target surface via a unique nozzle. Repainting your dog kennel in future  will become a pleasure rather than a chore with C TEc’s ‘Peel Tec’.

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