A way to seal an artic’s leaking water pump effectively

A supply of effective sealant is imperative   

Articulated lorries earn their living by driving on the open highways for as many hours per day as is legally permissible. Delivering consignments of every conceivable product across countries and continents is their stock in trade with customer demands and time constraints dictating how geographical locations and parameters relate to and influence the speed of those deliveries. Regular mechanical checks and overhauls ensure that artics are always in road worthy condition so they can travel the distances required and can handle the challenges of the changing terrain. Every savvy truck driver should ensure they have a supply of Miracle Seal on board to counteract any potential water leaks in the cooling system and prevent any unwarranted stoppages and delays.

Potential disaster with overheating                                     

When we think of the ice truckers in Alaska we have a greater appreciation of the severity of weather and road conditions that can take their toll on the best serviced vehicles. We witness the various problems that can arise mechanically, precipitated by extreme temperature fluctuations and intemperate ground conditions and we see just how often coolant systems can develop problems that can literally paralyse the lorry’s progress towards its destination. More often than not a lorry that is overheating due to water leakage in their water hoses or water pump comes to a complete standstill for fear of causing irreparable damage to a very expensive engine by continuing to push on. When such a problem occurs in the snowy frozen far flung regions of Alaska it is imperative that the driver has some way of making at least temporary repairs allowing them to reach the nearest point where mechanical help is available as soon as possible. They may well be putting their life on the line if left stranded for long periods in sub freezing temperatures due to engine incapacity through overheating.

New chemically formulated CT1 sealant

All these potential victims of extreme weather conditions will be ecstatic to learn that there is now a revolutionary water leakage sealant on the market that will seal hose leaks and water pump leaks without compromising the cooling system in general. Miracle Seal, from the manufacturers of CT1, is guaranteed to seal water pump leaks and not clog up the water channels. The chemical formula of Miracle Seal ensures that it does not damage seals whilst curing the leak and can be a permanent solution to the water leakage problem. At worst it will allow the stricken artic and its driver to reach the nearest town where both labour and parts are available and at best allow them to reach their destination free of further hindrance. It could prove a permanent fix with no exorbitant  financial outlay to resolve the issue from a mechanically radical perspective.

Appealing features of the CT1 product

This sealant product is non toxic and comes with an official health and safety clearance. It does not react to chemicals and can be added to any water content including anti freeze without any undue concern. In fact, once applied it will seal any leaks in the system overall, providing added protection to give the artic driver complete peace of mind in their push towards that final far-flung destination.

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