Waterproofing a leaking wooden birdhouse with WT1

A solution is needed

It is not an edifying sight to witness a leaking wooden bird house that fails to attract nesting birds whose natural nesting habitat is normally well waterproofed. It certainly is not a good reflection on those hoping to attract them to nest and flourish in man made surroundings. It is not caring, tolerable or humane. Birds are not likely to nest and nurture offspring in an environment that is less welcoming and comfortable than their uniquely crafted natural nests. It negates the philosophy any original effort to make a welcoming nesting box for our little feathered friends. The solution is simple and leaves no excuse for procrastination.

Successful outcomes with a progressive sealant   

An application of WT1 both on the roof and walls will quickly reinstate the birdhouse to its original integrity as a welcoming dry nesting niche for birds in the immediate area. This one man operation will provide a practical solution to a problem caused by the elements and will also provide a long lasting repair that will accommodate many families of nesting birds in the future. The resolution will also salve our conscience and any feelings of guilt we may have harboured. This CTec product is a permanent waterproof sealant that ensures no return to the leak problem. The most important element in this situation is the sealant product’s health and safety compliance which guarantees that the bird’s well being will not be compromised in any way. The sealant will provide a warm and dry environment for mother to hatch her chicks and nurture them for the duration of their life in the birdhouse.

A breakthrough in the world of sealants                                        

WT1 represents a breakthrough in the field of waterproofing with a newly formulated compound which combines polymer and polyurethane. Its adhesive capability allowing it to stick to practically any material and its waterproof sealing quality make it the most versatile sealant on the market. It has been embraced wholeheartedly by the Construction industry and works well in tandem with C Tec’s other adhesives such as Grab N Bond and CT1 which compliment each other to ensure the job is finished to the highest standards. The compatibility of these products in effect means that all your adhesive/sealant requirements can be supplied by C Tec with their Snag List Eliminator Inventory of Adhesives and Sealants. The chemical constituents of this revolutionary product ensure that the seal’s flexibility can withstand movement and temperature fluctuations with no adverse effects.

Application and Features

The best time to apply this sealant is when the current bird family vacate the nest so it is reinstated for the next mating season.  If the birdhouse becomes dislodged from its original resting position it  needs to be firmly attached to a tree then CT1 is the ideal adhesive for a strong lasting bond that will ensure the little home remains stable and intact for many years to come. If you wish to camouflage the birdhouse by reinstating it to its original wood colour, you can overpaint with any paint of your choice, best brown, so it creates camouflage against the background of the tree. This miraculous sealant/adhesive does not shrink or crack and adheres readily to wood and most other materials. From a health safe perspective it contains no dangerous toxins that might be harmful to the fledgling young in the nest or to birds in general and its formula does not contain any inherent  threats to the environment. It will return your birdhouse to a habitable condition much better than before! It certainly pays dividends to have a supply of this sealant at hand, ready to undertake any repairs as the need arises.

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