How to Waterproof your Terrace Floor

Waterproofing your concrete terrace floor may seem like a strenuous and difficult job. However, this is only true if you don’t have the right tools for the job and thankfully, C-TEC have just what you’re looking for. Concrete terraces often form small and large cracks over time. This can happen for a variety of different reasons. The most likely of which is the possibility that excess moisture and water has found its way into the structure of the concrete.

This can then freeze given the right temperatures, which causes the water to freeze and turn to ice. This form of expansion adds pressure and stress to the concrete, which results in the ground forming noticeable cracks. Cracks in your terrace is both unsightly and unsafe. If the crack is large enough, it’s very easy for someone to accidentally trip and hurt themselves. Thankfully, you can avoid this with help from WT1 from C-TEC.

Cleaning Concrete

Before you can apply a smooth application of WT1, you need to make sure the area is free from dirt and debris such as leaves, twigs and loose stones etc. Take some time to double check your surroundings and once you are happy with it, you’re ready to move onto solvent cleaning. This is not always necessary, but if you find that the concrete ground contains traces of oil, grease or tar etc. it’s a good idea to remove them with help from Multisolve, the best degreaser from C-TEC.

Multisolve uses a safe and gentle detaching procedure. Instead of burning into the substances with harsh extremities, Multisolve simply works its way through the stain and breaks it apart. It gets to work instantly and leaves no oily film. Once the substances are removed, you can clear the residue and prepare for WT1 application.

Applying WT1

WT1 waterproofs concrete floors with ease. Instead of using bitumen based roof membranes, WT1 will adhere to concrete and form a lasting adhesion that prevent water from accessing the inner composition of the concrete. Since water is the main cause of concrete cracks and holes, it is very important that your sealant accurately seals and protects the surface from further water damage. If you like, you can use CT1 to seal cracks before applying WT1 for more precise application.

In addition to waterproofing your terrace, WT1 is also used to waterproof balconies and roofs. It offers a secure adhesion to concrete, plastic, metal, lead, polyester, brick and stone. You can spread it on your terrace floor and it will continue to protect your terrace from weather fluctuations, without ever giving up strength by shrinkage.

WT1 – The ultimate terrace sealant for waterproofing concrete floors.



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