How to Waterproof and Seal a Terrace

Concrete terraces are prone to cracks and other damages because of its porous nature. Water and moisture is absorbed by the substance. This results in an unstable structure as the moisture will weaken the surface of the terrace over time. If you do not seal and waterproof your concrete terrace, you open yourself up to possible hazards and some seriously expensive home repairs. There are many types of concrete sealants, but the leading product for waterproofing concrete terraces is WT1, a special formula consisting of a combination of polyurethane and polymer.

Why does a Terrace Need to be Sealed?

Unsealed concrete is prone to moisture damage which involves water, ice and snow finding its way into the core of the substance. It may come as a surprise to find that concrete is not as durable as you might expect. It is extremely porous and allows liquids such as ice, water and snow to absorb.

Once the water and moisture has found its way into the concrete, the moisture build up weakens it. The overall structure of the terrace is not as strong as it once was. This results in the creation of various cracks, some much larger than others. These cracks then act as doorways, allowing even more liquids to absorb into the concrete. One of the main dangers of this comes when absorbed water in the cracks becomes frozen. This will then expand, often leading to the terrace breaking in places and making it very unsafe for use. Imagine the catastrophe if you were to have a group of people out on the terrace. The concrete will not be able to support the added weight and this could lead to a complete fall through.

Why Choose WT1?

You may be asking yourself, what makes WT1 better than all of the other waterproofing sealants in the market? Well, it’s simple. WT1 replaces the need for bitumen based membranes instead incorporating a perfect combination of polymer and polyurethane to develop a waterproof membrane that is 100% effective. Not a drop of moisture will find its way through WT1. This means you can repair all of the existing damages and cracks on the surface of the concrete before they have a chance to worsen. WT1 will not shrink OR crack, something that other sealants have been known to do. The problem with cracks lies with the fact that moisture and water will seep into the cracks and if the conditions are cold enough, that water may freeze and turn to ice. The expansion caused by frozen water can create even larger cracks and damage the surface of the concrete terrace. The only way to avoid this is to use an anti-shrink product. Thankfully, you can rely on WT1 to provide safe and effective results.

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