How to Waterproof Bathroom Floors

Tanking bathroom walls and floors is made easy thanks to WT1 from CTEC. The main reason why tanking is necessary is because it provides an extra layer of waterproof protection where your bathroom needs it most. Despite the fact that tiles and flooring in bathrooms are water resistant, the sealant in between these tiles are often not as waterproof as they should be. This leaves them open to water damage, which can lead to additional problems such as cracks forming on the surface of the tiles and the overall weakening of the wall/floor structure. So, what can you do to prevent water from damaging your home? The simple answer is to use WT1 for tanking your bathroom floors and walls.

Removing old Tiles and Sealant

If you have to remove old tiles before tanking, do so as carefully as possible. The main struggle here is to remove the left over sealant or adhesive. The only sure way to do this is to use a fast-acting and powerful solvent. Whilst most solvents will leave an oily film behind, Multisolve from C-TEC won’t. Multisolve uses the safest possible method to clean old sealant and adhesive from tiles and the wall behind them.

To remove these old adhesives, spray a generous amount of this multi-purpose solvent directly onto the area you wish to clean. Within seconds, Multisolve will get to work and start to break the adhesives apart. This detaches their bond from the wall, making it easier for you to simply pry all traces of the adhesive apart with a blade or knife. Multisolve can also be used to clean surfaces from oil, grease, tar, wax and even printing ink. Once the area has been cleaned, you are ready to waterproof your floors with WT1, the ultimate waterproofing sealant from the creators of CT1.

Tanking with WT1

WT1 is the latest advancement in tanking technology that the world has ever seen. It is easy to spread this formula on your bathroom walls to provide protection from water damage and excess moisture. This is also great when it comes to preventing mould growth, since mould often accumulates in areas where it is damp and moist. By tanking your bathroom with a high-quality formula like WT1, you help to protect it from bacterial and fungal growth. WT1 does not shrink or crack, which is a common problem experienced with most other bathroom sealants and waterproofing agents. Once you have spread WT1 over the entire surface area, it won’t take long before it has fully cured. Afterwards, you’re free to tile your floors and walls with water resistant tiles for ultimate protection.

WT1 waterproofs, seals and repairs concrete floors and walls. However, you can also use it on brick surfaces, plastic, stone, metal and lead. It is completely compatible with the entire CT1 range of adhesives and solvents. This means you can use it in union with both Multisovle, CT1 and Power grab n Bond.


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