Using Solvent to Remove Tar Stains

Cleaning stubborn tar stains can be a difficult job if you don’t have the experience, time or the right tools in hand for the task. Tar is a thick black substance used in road surfacing. It is made from free carbon and hydrocarbons and  derives from materials such as coal, wood, peat and petroleum. It’s sticky composition is one of the main factors that makes tar so difficult to remove. Finding the perfect method to remove tar successfully is a quest that both professionals have been struggling with for years.

Multisolve is a unique degreaser that has the ability to remove all kinds of stubborn substances and materials. This includes tar, oil and grease. If you manage to step on soft tar, or get traces of it on your clothes, you can safely use Multisolve to remove it. C-tec’s glue remover does so without damaging the synthetic material beneath the stain. Simply spray the solution onto the tar stain and let it work its magic. It won’t be long before the stain will be ready for treatment. After a few seconds, take a damp cloth and gently scrub the tar to remove it from your clothing.

If you need to remove a tar stain from your car, you can depend on Multisolve. You don’t have to worry about it damaging or removing your paintwork. It’s gentle approach to detaching tough stains, means that you can clean tar from the surface of your car without tarnishing the base material. Most regular tar removers use an aggressive detaching system. This usually includes the use of a strong burning sensation which not only damages the base material, but also poses as a threat to the user and causes problems such as skin irritation. Multisolve does none of these things because unlike aromatic solvents, Multisolve is aliphatic.

This tar remover is based on hydro carbon aliphatic solvents. This means that it has the original power and effectiveness of an aromatic solvent, but without the danger of harming the surface. After use, Multisolve fast dries and evaporates completely, leaving no evidence in its tracks. If you are looking for the best tar remover in the industry, look no further than C-TEC’s Multisolve.

After you have used Multisolve to remove tar stains, you can tackle other clean-up duties. This powerful and safe solvent is used to clean and remove paraffin wax, regular wax, printing ink, adhesives, silicone, grease and oil. This solvent is available in a 500ml aerosol and is a pick up and spray product. There is no need to mix any other components into the mixture. Just take your can of Multisolve and spray directly onto the tar. Within seconds, the tar detaches from the base material and is ready for removal.



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