Using Multisolve to Remove Glue Residue

Whenever you try to remove sticky and greasy substances such as stickers, grease and wax, it’s likely that some degree of glue residue will be left behind. This is incredibly frustrating because it can be quite difficult to clean. Picking at the residue with your fingernails usually fails and the longer you leave it to set, the more difficult it will become to clean. So, what can you do in a circumstance like this one?

We advise that you use a high-quality glue remover such as Multisolve. Stickers are stubborn by nature, after all their main purpose is to attach to surfaces without coming off! They’re usually made from vinyl, paper or plastic. This means you’ll need a product strong enough to remove these materials without damaging the base. Multisolve can do exactly that. It is a safe aliphatic solvent and glue remover that can not only remove the main bulk of the adhesive, but it can also clean away all traces of left over residue.

Glues with an acrylic or water based compound tend to harden with time. This is due to being exposed to high temperatures and U.V. Because of this, it can be difficult to remove with just a bucket of warm water and some soap. If you use Multisolve, simply spray the solution onto the glue. It gets to work right away by working into the adhesive and detaching it from the base. This prepares it for treatment. Next, simply take a blade and remove the residue.

Unlike the majority of solvents that will burn the glue in order to remove it, Multisolve takes a gentle but fast-acting approach when it comes to cleaning glue residue. It will not etch into the base material, leaving it completely unharmed in the process. This is very important because if you use a solvent that burns adhesives in order to pry them apart, you risk damaging your surface.

Multisolve not only removes glues and stickers, but it can also successfully detach wax, printing ink, tar, correction fluid, silicone, sealants, adhesives and chewing gum. As a multi-purpose solvent, you can use it for a variety of applications. One of its main advantages as an effective and safe solvent. It also works on painted surfaces without removing or damaging your paintwork. Once Multisolve has done its job, there will be no evidence left behind that it was even there to begin with! Most solvents leave an oily film behind, which can be quite an unsightly mess! Thankfully, our product does not do this and leaves a flawless finish.

What removes stubborn glue residue?

The answer is CT1 Multisolve.

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