How to Use Miracle Seal to fix leaks in the Cooling System

If your cooling system is experiencing small leaks, you’ll need a high-quality sealant designed to repair such leaks. C-TEC’s Miracle Seal permanently seals small leaks in the cooling system and it can do so in any location. No matter how small the crack may be, Miracle Seal has the power to prevent the leak from effecting the performance of your cooling system.

What Systems is Miracle Seal Compatible with?

Miracle Seal was given the name because of its miraculous abilities to solve even the thinnest of cracks. Miracle Seal can be used to repair leaks in hose pipes, water pumps and radiators. This can save you a lot of money. Rather than hiring a professional to come into your home to fix the leaks, you can do it yourself with a simple application of C-TEC’s Miracle Seal.

Benefits of Using Miracle Seal

Miracle Seal comes with a long string of great advantages and benefits. One of which is the fact that it can be used to seal hairline cracks in the engine block. This was previously unheard of as filling tiny cracks such as this was always a real struggle for homeowners. However, using the latest advancements in technology, Miracle Seal can fix, seal and repair tiny cracks and holes found in your home’s heating and cooling systems.

One major problem with cooling system leaks is the fear of the sealant clogging the system. Thankfully, Miracle Seal uses a special new formula that has revolutionised the way we approach such problems. This product is compatible with each type of water based coolants without limitations, making it your best option to solve all of your sealing related needs.

Another major benefit of using Miracle Seal to fix hairline cracks is that it isn’t affected by anti-freeze. This is welcomed news since it will continue to seal the leak with compromising the quality nor the strength of the bond created. With its water-based suspension and anti-corrosion additives is the perfect sealant for repairing cooling and heating systems. You can also use this product to fix cracks and holes in water coils and motor blocks.

How to Use Miracle Seal

If you need to use this sealant to fix thin cracks, you must flush out your cooling system and open the heater valve. After that, make sure that you keep the engine running until it has heated up. Before applying Miracle Seal, take time to shake the bottle well and pour it inside your radiator. Keep the engine running for a further five minutes before topping up the cooling fluid once it has cooled.


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