How to use CT1 for Joinery Applications

CT1 is a revolutionary construction sealant and adhesive often used in the field of joinery. This is because CT1 bonds wood to wood and wood to metal etc. effortlessly to create a strong, flexible and durable bond. Those who work in the joinery business usually “join” wood in a workshop. It’s usually more ornamental work than projects completed by a carpenter. The most common jobs for a joiner includes making window frames, doors, building stairs and creating fitted furniture.

A major part of these types of projects is the in the joints. You need to create strong and long-lasting joints that can handle a lot of movement, vibration and general wear and tear over a long period of time. Joiners often work in their own workshop, which is why they need trusted tools for the job. CT1 is ideal for joinery applications and cab be used to produce items such as tables, bookshelves, cabinets, doors, stairs and windows.

CT1 Bonds Wood

So, why should you use CT1 with your next joinery project? CT1 bonds a range of materials that include wood, metal, glass, mirror, tiles and PVC. It eliminates the need for additional fixings, which is great for joinery because it saves you valuable time and money. You can trust CT1 for all of your joinery applications because it has excellent resistance to vibration. It will not lose its initial strength, which makes it one of the strongest and reliable sealants on the market.

When bonding wood, it’s important to consider its porous nature. Wood naturally absorbs moisture, which means you need to create a bond that is flexible and able to contract and expand as required. CT1 expands and contracts without losing its strength. It created a durable and long-lasting bond with wood and other materials. This includes glass, mirror, metal and ceramic, to name but a few.

CT1 and Joinery

Joiners have turned to CT1 for all of their joinery applications such as building stairs, doors, window frames and even furniture. One of the main advantages of using this revolutionary sealant for your joinery applications is the fact that it eliminates the need for any additional fixings. It creates a strong bond that will secure the joints without having to use extra nails or screws etc.

CT1 is the number one sealant and adhesive for the construction industry. It offers unique adhesion on almost any material without the need for additional support or fixings. CT1 is the ultimate joinery sealant and is every joiners must-have item in their tool box.

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