Underfloor heating pipes – fast leak repairs and total protection with Miracle Seal

The solution is at hand  

Underfloor heating systems are proving a very popular and effective means of home heating. They are non intrusive in the living areas of the home leaving walls free from radiators and rooms more adaptable to interior designers’ master plans. From a practical plumbing perspective any leaks that might develop in the underfloor pipework into the future can present quite a challenge in terms of repairs. Even pinpointing the source of the leak, which is a difficult task in itself, can involve pulling up floor coverings whether wood, tiles or at best carpet and removing the cement finish to access the problem beneath. The dirt, time and expense resulting from such an operation can be inhibitive yet obligatory if the issue is to be resolved.This can be a traumatic experience for the house inhabitants and a very real difficulty for a young family. Not only have floors to be dug out but subsequently replaced after pipework is repaired, and that is before wooden or tile flooring is refitted to its original standard and integrity. This regretful scenario can be avoided with the intervention of Miracle Seal.

Its most salient features

It seals instantly providing a lasting solution to a leaking pipe without compromising any aspect of your underfloor heating system. Its chemical formula is revolutionary ensuring an effective seal even in the most inaccessible of places, thanks to its fluidity and molecular structure.The most wonderful feature of this sealant product is its capacity to seal instantly and permanently. It does not degrade or crack as it is resistant to vibration and movement, a most welcome characteristic that guarantees an efficient lasting repair. This is yet another universally endorsed sealant/adhesive product from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory, which is designed and manufactured specifically for the construction and related industries. Its pedigree is testified in customer reviews which clearly endorse the proficiency that Miracle Seal claims for itself. It is the ideal solution for fast emergency repairs that can be trusted to deliver a permanent fix.

Other beneficial characteristics

Miracle Seal also possesses other qualities or factors that strengthen its ability to perform to optimum standards. It contains lubricating additives that help protect and prolong the life expectancy of the seals and bearings in the water pump and extend the life of the hoses or plastic piping. The additional anti-corrosive additives protect against limescale formation. As a complete formula, Miracle Seal is compatible with all types of water conditions allowing effective sealing of leaks to take place in the presence of other chemicals to which it is resistant. You can only imagine the relief of the beleaguered householder to learn of a viable alternative to tearing up their floors. The financial savings in repair costs is astronomical and the elimination of stress is an even greater asset in this situation. The obvious tangible to be gleaned from such an experience is to always have a supply of Miracle Seal at your disposal to resolve any unforeseen leaks in your underfloor heating system.   


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